Concord University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Concord University is trying to talk to the staff and have your questions answered. Many professors are not avaliable during their office hours and even miss scheduled appointments. The administration is more worried about covering up problems the school faces instead of dealing with them. So if you need to talk to them about an issue, you never receive a straight answer.


After completeing my first year at Concord University I can not find anything about my time here frustrating.


I don't really have anything that frustrates me about Concord University.


So far nothing has been extremly frustrating about my school, it is only my first semester. So far I would have to say the msot frustrating thing about Concord is whenever I need to go to the library to work on homework there never seems to be a computer open. This is extremly frustrating especially when I really need the computers to print out notes or type a paper.


It is located in a very small town, so there is not a whole lot of things to do outside of class. After I am done studying and doing homework, I would like to go out and go bowling or meet up with friends somewhere, but that really is not an option here.


The financial/business aid department misplaced $1000 of my scholarship money my freshman year.


I think one of the more frustrating things about my school is that it is located in a very rural area. There isn't alot to do off-campus, so on weekends things can get somewhat boring. However, there are things to do if you are willing to ddrive for about 30 minutes.


I feel that Concord is a university that is very research/scholar oriented. I get very frustrated with the fact that the school supports a losing football team which drains scholarship funds. The school also recently spent an enormous amount of money replacing the grass on the football field with astroturf. I don't mind supporting successful athletic programs that bring something to the school, but the football team at Concord is appalling and drains valuable resources that could be much more practically and beneficially applied.


its nothing to do


there is nothing to do.


The Cost!!!!!!!