Concord University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Concord is small classes. I love being able to have a friendly conversation with my professors in the hallway or at the student center. Also, they know you on a personal level which means when it's time to graduate and start a career you know where to go for a recommendation letter.


The students and faculty are all friendly and willing to help. This campus also has an excellent learning environment.


The best thing about Concord University is that you get all the perks of a university, with all the charm of a small town. The teachers can pay attention to each students individual needs, but you still get the quality of education that comes with a larger university. Also, Concord is located in one of the most scenic areas in the state of West Virginia. Concord has more to offer than a good education. It has a beautiful campus and it is located in a safe town.


The best thing about Concord is the Education program. It is highly repected and well known in at least the tris state area. We also have a great pre-law program and a great pre-med program.


One of the best things about Concord is the small class sizes. Having a small class allows proffessors to actually get to know you, and have a voice in the class. You create a personal relationship with the proffessors so it is really easy to talk to them if you are having problems with a topic or lesson. Concord is a great place to receive your education!


I consider the relationships at Concord University to be the best thing. Relationships determine the success and fun the students here at Concord have. The relationshops I have made thus far at Concord University have been especially important to me and have made my experience extremely effective.


I think my schools is great becasue the student body is not neccesarily too much, so teacher to student ration is 18:1, and honestly speaking the teachers are really there to help you, so all you have to do is ask. Everyone is so friendly and there are a lot of activities that you can get involved with which can help you survive college life and also make friends. The campus setting is very beautiful and the school was founded in 1872, so the history of it goes way back. I love this place.


It is a smaller campus, but not too small. The campus seems to have created it's own community, and there are pleanty of groups of people for everyone to fit into. It is easy to make and keep friends.


I consider the care the professors have for their students the best thing about Concord University because they will go above and beyond to help their students.


Concord University never gives up on you. They push you to succeed in what ever major you choose. The classes are very tough sometimes but if you push yourself and show that you are trying and doing your best, they are always willing to help you.


The thing I consider best about my school is the size, both population and physical. It is easier to get between classes and work, and I don't have to wake up at an ungodly hour just to make it to my nine o'clock class. Also, traffic and shuttles are not an issue if you live on campus, and a car is a luxury, not a necesity. As for the population, fewer students means smaller classes, and I get to know my professors and the other students in my major better.


The social aspects and availability of a diverse range of organizations. I would also say one of the best things about this school is the level of graduate admissions after graduating.


The professors were supportive of continuing education. They frequently offered advice and experience related to getting into graduate school.


The outdoor environment... it's called the campus beautiful for a reason.


The people - both students and faculty!


That the surrurounds are beautiful. There are changes happening with a new president in place and the school is small enough that your classes are never overly large. Your professors know who you are and you have a relationship with them.


Everyone is friendly, has a lot of school spirit.


The best thing about my school is that it is close to home, therefore I can drive or stay on campus and come home on week-ends.


Academics, Because if you are not prepared then you will fail.


I love the location and the staff that I work with in my on campus jobs.