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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Although I have only been in college for two years, I have gotten a lot of my college experience. I have met amazing people that I will never forget. I have grown up a lot. I can't say being at my school has given me the true college experience that I was hoping for, but it has opened my eyes to alot of the stuff I did not know about college. If I could go back and tell my old self anything before I started college, it would be to be more organized, do not procrastinate with any of my work, join and be apart of more activities, apply for scholarships early, and do not be naive to what everyone is saying. I have valued my college experience that I have had at my college because I never succumbed to any of the peer pressure put before me.

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Enter into an early college program to begin your core classes. Focus on literacy and develop grammatical skills that will help you to excel at the graduate level. Complete all course assignments and turn them in on time using APA style. Do your research. Use periodicals and journals that validate practices in education. Develop a rapport with other college seeking individuals and leaders in the community. Participate in more extracurricular activities and apply to college earlier.

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Visit the school first and ask a lot of questions

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