Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Some of the stereotypes at Concordia are that fellows students are nerds and they work extremely hard. Another one is that all the sports people hang out with each other and don't talk to other students.




They like small classes. Most live on campus. Most are Lutherans. Most of the students do not get financial aid. Most are white Americans.


That it is a small school and not much fun!


Half of our student body is filled with athletes and international students. So everybody who fits into those two catagories will hangout only with them.


I wouldn't really say there are stereotypes about Concordia's students, but just like any other public place, there is going to be stereotypes between people within that space. For example, the Commons is the main cafeteria on Concordia's campus. Upon walking into the commons, it is clear where the jocks sit (better known as the "Baseball table") followed by the soccer and tennis teams table - alrhough really anyone can choose to sit whereever he or she may like.


1. Sports students are out for themselves, very cocky, and do not converse with any non-sports students. 2. Fellows students are complete nerds.


The biggest stereotype that I can think of is that Concordia College Students do not care about their school.


wan't aware we had any, sorry :)


The students are stupid and lazy, all they do is drink


Many people seem to think that Concordia students are very wealthy because there are a substantial amount of International students and commuters from around this "rich" area.


Concordia students are known for their dedication and their willingness to get involved in activities on and off campus. Most students have jobs at the school as well as part-time jobs or internships in the community. Our students coordinate many fundraisers to benefit charities and relief organizations.