Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would honestly tell myself to be prepared. Go into college with a plan and set goals. Do not lose yourself in the ideas of freedom and the lack of parents. School is a place for education and education is the KEY to success but there is always a door waiting to destroy ALL of your hard work. Stay away from the golden door, for everything that glitters is not gold. I would also tell myself friends are great to have, only once the friendship you have created with yourself is achieved. Love yourself and do not become absorbed in trying to make friends. Focus on your schoolwork and your set goals. The final thing I would say would be, enjoy your college experience and have fun while learning.


My college experience was beneficial to preparing me for what lies beyond the four years we spend at the educational insitution. I had two very educational internships and got hands-on experience in the field. I was able to take on leadership positions that promoted positive interactions with students across all majors and never had to worry about attendance at events. I entered the college as a transfer student and left with many lifelong friends. The professors offered support and were available for any assistance they could offer by answering any questions I had. Study groups were encouraged and helpful for test preparation. Overall it was a great experience!


If I was able to go back to my Senior year in high school and give myself advise about college life I would say relax. I remember that everyone was nervous; constantly on egde when talking about college decisions and tranisitions. I would have loved it if someone had just taken the time to tell me that no matter what happens it would be okay. I wish that I had someone to tell me that college is what I make of it, I can make it great or horrible, that I hold the keys to my own success and happiness. I think that high school seniors are scared of the possibilities that lay ahead of them, and they really just need people to say "hey, It's going to be okay, you're going ot get into a great school and you're going to have a great time, relax." I believe that knowing that would help a senior out a lot more then some of the typical advice, like pick the right school, and make sure you like it before you put a deposit down. I believe that high school seniors need to relax and just enjoy the ride.


This is my second time attending college. I would tell myself to make sure I really think about what I want to do with my major and research it better this way I would not have to go through college all over again to get the job I always wanted.


I think that you should really go and spend a whole day at each college, make sure to talk to faculty and many different students- not just the ones giving the tour. I know my school offered for potential students to stay a night with a current student, and if that's available I would really reccomend doing that and sitting in on a few classes. You want to get to know the campus life when everyone is putting on a show for the parents, on the tour everyone's really trying to sell the school, but spending a night there gives you an opportunity to go to meetings or events and meet the students that could potentially be your classmates.


Get involved but don't take on to much.


In searching for a college it is important to take time and research the school. It is important to find a school that you will be able to become a part of. College experiences will help you to shape the rest of your life. It is important to have the support of your parents if you decide to go to an out of state school. Parents play an integral part of planning for college but you should ultimetly make the final desicion yourself.


Just choose the one YOU want!! It will be YOUR experience and there'll b both good n bad....just enjoy it!!


Go where you want to go, and dont pick a major right away let it choose you. Experience everything you can.


Make sure you find out if the school is for you First!!! Then, make sure they offer your major and provide you with the best financial aid packet.


Be open.


look at the work load and follow students around the campus to get a feel


I would definently look into as many colleges as possible because once you make the mistake of going to one you do not like it is a pain for the whole transferring process.


Don't just choose any school that chooses you. You have to be happy there. You need to pick the right size, the right location, a school that has your major, etc.


Make sure you pick a school that is in your budget, and not to far out of your reach. Learn about the community and what activites they have for college students, and job placings.


Parents listen to your child. Don't force them to go to the school that you want them to go to.