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Concordia University-Ann Arbor

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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

I would brag about the spiritual enviorment, and opportunities to grow in Christ here. The techers are friendly and helpful, and since it is a smaller University, you get a chance to know everybody here. I love that people here actually care to help you find your calling from God and help you be sucessful in that career. Because we all have one purpose in mind, serving God, it makes for a very cohesive interaction between students and faculty.

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There are strong bonds made on campus since the population is quite small. You feel like you are part of a comminuty rather than a number. There are always friends around when you need them, have a problem, want to study, or just want to hang out. There is always someone ready to talk to you, offer you a smile, and ready to pray for you and assist you in all ways possible.

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