Concordia University-Chicago Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Concordia Chicago is a private, Lutheran school that excels in preparing students for a career in the field of education.


My school is not only committed to helping its students grow on an academic and mental level, but it also cares about the general well-being of its students.


My school is comfortable and beautiful. The greenery surrounding the campus makes it very appealing to look at and sit outside to study. The campus is small so most of the students know everyone. We are a tight knit community that is working together to make the most of out college experience.


Concordia is an excellent career focused.academically focused, friendly university.


Concordia University Chicago has Christ at the center, is a small school with huge benefits, that gives the security of a small town, but the opportunities of a large city.


It's the right school for me, but may not be for many many others.


Promising a Future but putting me into decades worth of debt.