Concordia University-Chicago Top Questions

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This may or may not be true for everyone but this school actually feels like home to me. I had only seen two schools before coming to Concordia for a visit but once I got a tour of the campus I knew it was where I needed to go. I did not even look at another school afterwards, it was orginally made for my major, education, it is not so big that I feel rushed to get anywhere, and it is a private college.


Compared to the other schols that I was considering to attend, Concordia's small campus caught my eye. I love how the my biggest class is only about 65 students and my smallest class being 12 students. There is no way that my classes would have been as small at the Cal State and UC schools in California. It is very easy to get individual help from the professors or students, which makes the college life more bearable. I also love how close the school campus and downtown Chicago are, a 15 minute train ride.


Concordia is unique in that they provide so many opportunities for their students to succeed by offering hands-on experiences in the areas that are most beneficial to their student's area of concentration.


This school is unique because of the small class sizes and the religious atmosphere and connection to the LCMS world.


One of the most unique things about Concordia is that we are such a small campus that it makes us a community. We call it the "Concordia bubble "for a reason, and it's actually the reason I came here. I love walking to class across campus and passing ten pepole I know and saying hi to every one of them.


It's small and Lutheran.


People accept one another and check in on eachother.