Concordia University-Chicago Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is 5 miles away from the heart of Chicago, and the last stop on the el is less than a mile away from campus so you do not feel like you are in the city but you can get down there very easily. As well, River Forest is one of the nicest suburbs in all of Illinois.


I tell my friends that I could possibly get an internship at one of the facilities of downtown Chicago or at other places, like the Morton Arboretum.


How many activities that the campus provides free of charge to the students. There are always great activities to help keep the students busy and entertained every month; plus their is a group of students who have the imput on what goes on with the activities on campus.


It is small and personal and therefore the teachers really know the students, it is very welcoming and easy to feel comfortable at. Not to mention it has an excellent education department (which is the field I am going into) and there is always a friendly face near by. In addition it is a mere train ride away from one of the United State's most famous cities!


I brag about how friendly everyone is here. From the moment I got to this school, everyone I've met has been very helpful and friendly.


I'm guaranteed a job when I leave, my professors know me inside and out, the classes are preparing me for exactly what I'm going to be doing, so close to Chicago


The location of the school is amazing especially if you are majoring in the arts. Chicago Symphony, Lyric Opera, The Art Museum, etc. are all within a short el ride and the experience of having those amenities is indespensible. The music department faculty and staff are outstanding and are the beacon of the school and I'm proud to be a product. When you combine these two facts, the arts at Concordia are unbelieveable for a small liberal arts school.