Concordia University-Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


It is a Christian school, so I would say non- Christians shouldn't attend this school because they will feel out of place.


If you want a party atmosphere, do not come to Concordia. There are some students that drink and party, but the focus of the university is very adverse to that objective. Being at Concordia is about being in a Christian community and preparing for careers in the Church, Education System, and World. I do not want to say that non-Lutherans or non-Christians should not attend Concordia because the Christian atmosphere would give them what they need, but I will say that there is a STRONG Lutheran tradition and community felt among students.


Someone that likes to be unnoticed by their professors should not attend Concordia. Also someone that is interested in the greek system and lives to party should not attend this school.


Anyone is welcome at Concordia University Chicago. But based on experience of being at this college, I really don't think people with a strong religious affiliation would feel like they "belong."


Someone who is very liberal and would hate being surrounded by people who base many of their decisions on their religious beliefs.