Concordia University-Chicago Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing would be how at times, people can act rather shady and unfriendly.


The food that is offered for on campus dining.


I am new to this school so I have not found something that frustrates me yet. However from the schools (colleges) I have attended I found the most frustrating thing to be how impersonal and difficult to understand they were. As a freshmen I did not know where to go for help or who I should talk to. However thus far at my current school they have been more than helpful and I have had no problems.


I am most frustrated as a music major because there seems to be little to no support of the arts from both our administration and from donors. We are in a major battle to try and get facilities that match the talent in our programs and instead the football team who hasn't had a winning season since its conception gets a brand new field. I think the school should play to its strengths much more than it does.


The size of classes can be very frustrating. Because we're such a small school, there are sometimes as little as ten people in one class. This makes it VERY noticable if you come in late or for some reason or another can't be there. Also, the bubble thing can be a little overwhelming.


I think that the most frustrating thing about my school is that there is not a lot of diversity among the student body. The limited amount of diversity makes a lot of the students feel uncomfortable or even sometimes making them feel like they do not belong as part of the school. I would like to see more of a diverse student body because that would make everyone feel more welcomed and comfortable to be a part of the school.