Concordia University-Nebraska Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are intelligent, open-minded, and willing to share about their past.


My classmates at Concordia University are going through college with similar hopes and goals as I am, including getting good grades, recieving scholarships, building long-lasting friendships, and holding trust with other students that they will help you succeed as well.


As a whole, my classmates are focused, committed, goal directed individuals.


For the most part, students at Concordia are genuinely caring, fun, and great to be around.


My classmates were the kind of people who encouraged healthy competition to compete with one another to see who could do better academically.


my classmates are helpful and supportive because no matter the problem you face some one is always willing to help you out.


My classmates are respectful, interative, resourceful, fun, down to earth, and caring.


My classmates are smart, kind and take initiative.


Classmates at Concordia are more than willing to step out of their comfort zones and help one another through means of study groups, support groups, and other activities that draw the campus together and students to one another; including discussion in the classroom, saying hello in passing, and working with one another through life's challenges and downfalls (bringing study notes and homework from classes when one cannot attend.)


My classmates were fun, friendly and from all over the country.


They are very dedicated in their program and help others to be that way also!