Concordia University-Nebraska Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Concordia Nebraska has the best professors you could ever meet. Class sizes are fairly small, so they really get to know you. They all genuinely care about how you are doing academically and otherwise. The students are also some of the friendliest people from not just Nebraska, but all over the country! It is so cool to become friends with people from other regions and even other countries. There's always something to do on campus as well. The student activities committee gets everyone-- students, professors, administrators-- involved with fun activities. There's never a dull moment!


If I could only pick one thing to brag about, I would choose the music ensembles at Concordia. There are multiple choirs, bands, and other ensembles such as handbells to participate in. The directors are phenomenal and bring out the best in every participant. The professors in all other subjects are excellent, too. Many have their doctorate and all possess great amounts of knowledge in their respective fields. Lastly, I feel like I belong here. Professors and students alike are show friendliness that I don't see everywhere.


Concordia is a small school filled with friendly people. You never feel like just a face in the crowd, and you make amazing friends that you know will be your friends for life. I love the Christian environment that allows me to express my faith openly every day.


Simple life with genuine people who like to hang out and have fun.


two of the things that I would probably brag most about my school is that we do not have to pay an insane amount of money just to have a car at school, we get to have our cars there for free and i think that helps out alot. also when i talk to my friends about walking to class they are always talking about how they have to walk a long distance just to get to class and going to a small school the campus is also small so the walk is shorter to get to class.


This school has a great christian environment and a good education program.


My school is very much like a community. Small campus, small classes, but very big hearts. Everyone here gets along really well and all the professors are easily availbale for questions are are very helpful. The biggest thing I love about my school is how safe I feel just walking around at night, knowing I'm safe. Concordia ROCKS!


I mostly brag about the education program. It is very well renowned for the teachers anf educators that it turns out. I also brag a lot about the facilities. There is a new recreational center being built that is supposed to be top notch. I also appreciate the amount of friends and close relationships that I have formed here. It is very easy to make friends and to find things that you have in common with others.


I tell them how much of a close knit community we are. The girls on my hall are not just hallmates. They are family. I brag about how I got a job handed to me for the summer in the beautiful mountains by people requiting outside of the cafeteria. I brag that I have been to my professor's homes when they have dinners or bible studies for students. And how I never make plans for the weekend but am ALWAYS very busy with free or cheap fun stuff.


I brag most about the people I have meet and how much they mean to me. I also brag about how we have the best DCE program and about how the professors want to make sure you do your best.