Concordia University-Nebraska Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is probably the lack of diversity. Located in a small town in Nebraska, there isn't a lot of diversity in this area anyway, and most students who come here come for the conservative, Christian, small town environment. It's really nice and I enjoy that people here share and support my values, but it would be great to get more foreign exchange students to come here to provide more exposure to other cultures.


Honestly the most frusterating thing is not having more places in the city open past 10 pm on weekdays.


I feel as though my school doesn't have all of the necessary classes needed for me to be best prepared for my career after college. This was not apparent when I researched the school or talked with my advisor.


The ridiculous tuition price. I feel that $27k a year for a Christian school is immoral. This is especially true when you're a white female with two parents who have stable jobs and went to college. Just because I'm not in poverty doesn't mean I can afford this school anymore. They don't take into account that my parents are about 10 years from retirement and still owe $60k in their own student loans. I only got an $11k academic scholarship with a 3.7 GPA and 31 ACT.


It's a very small school, and because it is a Chritian schoo it is hard for people to adjust to the set of rules the school has.


Sometimes I tend to think that the rules are a bit strict. I know they are there for a reason. These rules keep our campus community. I also find "clicks" frusterating, but no matter where I go, they will always be there. The difference with Concordia "clicks" is that they are more bearable than the types that I had experienced in high school. Here, you can belong to several different groups of people. Even with groups, everyone treats everyone else with respect and are friendly to people outside of their "click", which I think is rare.


Somtimes you can feel overwhelemed will the expectations professors have for their students. They really only want you to be the best that you can be and they will push you to find your best.