Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Education program and our kinesiology program is great here at Concordia.


Most certainly I would say that Concordia University is known best for its academics. Concordia offers a very wide variety of programs and on-campus activities to really make students as well as faculty to feel welcome. As a current student at Concordia I felt that in some lengths the school has giving more than just a chance to learn, but also the ability to think. I now understand why the activites are an oppurtunity and I'm going to continue to join the programs that are being offered as well as the sports such as football and basketball.


Concordia University is best known for its NCAA womens volleyball champions. Not only are the student known to do well in sports, they also are known to be challenged academically to improve every day. Concordia also helps prepare students for post graduation be it continuing studies or a job affair.


Small friendly atmosphere with the city oppourtunities. Academic excellence.


I believe my school is best known for producing caring, qualified individuals who will contribute to any community they end up living and working in. The atmosphere is that of pride in the school. This school has very high academic achievers.


The small friendly atmosphere with the oppourtunities of the metro area. Academic excellence, competive sports, very strong theatre and music department.


There Volleyball team won the nation championship in 2007.