Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

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The diversity in culture and the option to speak about religious beliefs openly. Most schools will not let you talk abot God or your own religious background. At Concordia University we welcome all religions and faith and can talk about them withou being judged or shushed up about it. We even have a chapel on campus for people to worship or pray when they need to. There are a lot of church activities on campus because we are a Lutheran school. Concordia also offers smaller class sizes for the more ono-on-one approach, it makes learning a lot easier.


What I found about Concordia is that they have wonderful professors that care about their students. I also liked the fact that the class sizes were smaller than many other colleges. After being here, I would say that Concordia has an amazing support system that I actually needed this year, and they actually do care about the needs of the student. These are the reasons why I believe Concordia is unique compared to the other colleges that I had looked at.


Small classes in a big city


art studios open 24/7