Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who is looking forward to a grat education and meeting friendly people who are willing to hep you.


People who needs that person to person connection and can't stand the feeling of lonliness. People who needs to exprience some diversity that's in the world and in the workplace. People who look for strong christian values and Christ in their schoolling. People who don't want atheletics to overshadow their academic careers.


I would suggest this school for someone who wants to not only get a good education but also have a good life experience. Concordia is the type of school that is not only about academics, but it teaches many life skills.


Someone who is open minded and not afraid of trying new things. This school is small enough to feel like you are part of a community yet large enough to feel like an outcast depending on how willing you are to put yourself out there to make new friends.


Anyone of any race that majors what they have over there, and don't mind about other culture or tradition beliefs.


I don't know