Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who is worried about partying and is less worried about their studies.


I attended the Concordia School of Adult Learning (CSAL). Thus, I attend classes at night while working full-time during the day. The type of person who would not do well would be a person who is not personally motivated. You must also be willing to sacrifice any resemblance of a home life to keep up with the excelled schedule (& potentially skip sleep to be able to shower ... or face the criticism of family, friends and co-workers due to the smell). But, understand the sense of accomplishment is well worth it in the end.


I think that all kind of students should attend this school so that we have a great variety understanding of human life. I also think that they should attend this school so that they can understand the culture differences and the ethical belief there is in the world.


A person that wants a HUGE campus with a ton of people.


Anyone wanting to learn.


people with major objections to religion being a part of their education.


While this school does a great job at inviting individuals from all works of life, it must also be understood that this school comes from a very strong and proud Lutheran background (this school is directly supported by the LCMS). Because of this, some students may find themselves being a little intimidated by how openly Christian the campus is. While all intentions are good, this may leave a sour taste with some potential students who may feel the environment can be a little overbearing.