Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


When I visited the school I knew it was small. Now that I live here I truly realize how small it actually is. I wish I had known how it was going to feel on such a small campus. Everyone knows a lot about everyone. I sometimes feel as if I can't escape to my own place even though I live on campus. I wish I would have known that everyone goes home all of the time and there isn't much to do if you aren't in sports, music, or theater.


Actually, the orientation sessions CSAL provide prior to sign-up prepared us well. We knew that for 18 months we would do nothing but study. What was wonderfully surprising was the support of the faculty ... None wanted us to fail. One surprise that I did experience was the Mandatory Religious Themed class. But, even though it was mandatory ... I did not feel it was a wasted experience. It too had much educational value and made us all well rounded individuals.


I knew everything I needed to know.


I wish I would have known how unhelpful the people in financial aid are. They lost my documents twice and never told me the whole truth about what I was supposed to do to get financial aid.


i wish i would have known that it would be alot harder to keep up with school, because there is no one there behind you telling you to get things turned in.


That dance wasn't a varsity sport.


Before coming to Concordia and before entering the Elementary Education program, i wish i would have had everything laid out on a timeline to know when things needed to be done in order to graduate on time. I realize not all things can just be laid out for you in life but there are many hours and requirements that need to be accomplished outside of the classroom hours. It would have helped with scheduling conflicts.


very uptight student body


Nothing. I had an amazing time at this school. I learned everything I could have imagined was possible.


What I wanted to major in.