Concordia University-Saint Paul Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors truly care about students' lives. They are able to be very involved and hands-on, and are always available to help in any situations. In the art department at Concordia, professors seemed more like colleaugues by the time I graduated.


I like that they offer cohort programs for working people. I work fulltime and I also wanted a fulltime schooling experience.


If there's anything that I look for when I go somewhere new, it's "comfort". Anything that feels like home is a winner. I don't want to be somewhere that I can "deal with" or "manage". I want to be somewhere that accepts me, somewhere that feels right. I never felt more accepted or loved, any other place. The best attribute about my school is the community- the love and joy that it distributes to others is phenomenal and above all, welcoming.


The best thing about my school is that you can interact with the professors as well as the students. Also I like it here because the campus is really small so are the classes. The professors really make sure you understand the learnings and do well on all your tests and exams. The staff here are very helpful, they help you find what you need help with. You can set up an appointment and they will be gladly to meet with you.


There is a great sense of community once you find friends


The friendly atmosphere, the people, and academics.