Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


my classmates are hardworking and out going students who strive to get their degrees and are determined to succeed.


All of the ones I have met are pretty nice.


My classmates are amazing people because not only do they constintly look out for others but they are always willing to lend a helping hand whether it be in class work or just because you need someone to listen to your problems.


The students at the University of Washington are pretty laid back, but generally politically and socially aware. Many students are from the Northwest, but is also a great percentage of students from other parts of the country and from other nations. There is a great Asian community on campus. The students are generally well-informed about the news, and tend to be more Democratic. Religion isn't as prevalent at the school - there are many people of different religions and beliefs, and we all get along well despite our differences. It is fun to learn more about other religions, and we are open to discuss our different beliefs. Different students, with varying national, religious, economic, etc backgrounds often interact and form strong friendships with each other. Overall, the students are very open-minded and fun, and though we are quite diverse, we get along and feel like a community. I don't think anyone would feel out of place here - everyone is welcome!


People who at the beginning of the year or the beginnng of the new semester in your classes start off as strangers, but by the end of that semester, they are close amazing friends that you can leave but have many memeories to remind you of them.


Classmates at Concordia are mostly friendly, helpful, and kind, never hesitating to fill you in in what homework you need or what lectures you may have to write down.


My classmates were by a general majority culturally equal. There wasn't much diversity, just a bunch of white kids with mainly similar views and goals. But there was a large influx of economic status between students, which led to a greater divide.


Productive and willing to help.


Classmates are generally friendly and willing to help if need be.


Most are friendly and cordial. Some are cold. Some are annoying brown nosers. Others are only there to get a diploma.


Some are different


I enjoyed most of my classmates throughout school.


They are really easy to work with and are wiling to help when others struggle.


My fellow classmates are hard working individuals who are here to develop their professional skills as well as their faith.


my classmates soon become friends who help each other out.


Classmates are helpful when needed.


For the most part helpful and friendly. There is an attitude of students vs. the school in everything that we do. This leads to a cohesion between students but friction with the school itself.


My classmates are intelligent, hard-working men and women who are truly striving to attain their goals and aspirations-goals and aspirations that are higher than an average person and whose dreams reach very far.