Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

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What is unique about my school is the school environment inside and outside. Outside of the school we are right by Lake Michigan so it's pretty relaxing to just go sit by the water and do some work and study. It's also very quiet and you never have to worry about trouble. Inside the school everyone pretty much seems friendly. People are always willing to help you out and show you aroud.


My school is unique it that it's faculty is devoted to carving out young minds so that they are ready to dominate tehri field. The academics department is first class and is at peek potential. Student life is committed to developing with one another in many ways whether it be social, academic, or religious. The people the are here give a sense of warmth and personality that make it a place that is easily called home.


At Concordia, you never have to go outside, thanks to underground tunnels. Being on a bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan is also nice.


Concordia is a very small but close-knit community of believers who support eachother. We also have an amazing bluff which overlooks Lake Michigan.


My school is small and located in an area close to the city but away from the noise and distractions.


Within my major, athletic training, sophomore students are allowed to work one-on-one with patients to gain more experience. Concordia provides many athletic training internships that are very close to campus.


It has a strong religious focus, that allows people to come together to discuss their faith and strengthen their relationships with each other. The campus is connected to keep people from freezing during the winter and the faculty is extremely accomodating to students with special needs. They have good athletic programs and their intramurals allow everyone to compete and participate in competition in a wide variety of sports.