Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Concordia University-Wisconsin?


The quality of the program I was involved in and the fact that I could really communicate with my professors as I actually knew them.


I am pleased that I chose to attend Concordia University. The instructors and advisors are very supportive and caring. There is a great resource center for the students and the librarians are never too busy to assist with any project that arrises during the semester.


Concordia University Wisconsin is a great school. The classes are challenging without being to difficult. The professors really care about your success but they won't baby you along either. The campus is great, the lake is great to look at. And best of all we get to learn all about God everyday in chapel.


They have a very good nursing program. Once you get through it, you know for sure that you know everything there is to know about the medical field. You won't ever feel like you weren't schooled enough. They make sure, within the first semester, you know if you want to stay with the program or not.


I brag about the small classroom sizes where the teachers recognize you. The teachers make themselves available for their students and can even recognize me outside of the classroom. Because of the small classroom sizes, you also get to know your peers on a personal level. Plus a great view of the lake is a wonderful thing to see every day. Finally, when it's super cold outside, you never have to walk outside since everything is connected.


It has small classes for people who do not want to sit in a large lecture hall.


I brag most about the beautiful scenery. On the east side of campus is a bluff, with walkways and steps that lead down to Lake Michigan. The lake is so beutiful in the morning and there is a beach for the warm months of the year. The school is also surrounded by wooded areas which are nice to walk through on occasion. The dorms are also connected by tunnels so when it is cold in winter you can avoid getting frost bitten.


Our school is small, but big enough where you can meet many new friends. There are awesome extra curricular activities that really help you become involved with campus. The faculty is also extremely helpful and I love being in a Christian environment.


The community


My dorm, class sizes, time with proffessors.