Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is unfortunatly a small campus with a dry label as well. This kind of supresses social events.


For me, i consider the WiFi capabilty terrible. Occasionally the WiFi would disconnect and all online homework would not work. Also, the WiFi is very sticky in certain spots on campus. A person would have it and then it would be gone.


The dorms are disgusting, they are renovating the restaurants at school, but can't do anything about the dorms.


Sometimes the small population of the school can make it feel that you are missing out on that "big college" experience. It is nice when you are in the classroom, but when out of the classroom, having a bigger variety of people would sometimes be a nice taste in change.


The worst thing at this school is that not alot of people know about it and how many more people can receive such a great school like me. I love this school and would not pick another school. God has really lead me here.


The worst thing about the school is probably the high price. Its hard to pay for it on my own. It is a private school, so it is to be expected.


Everyone, students and faculty alike, are so focused on their own religious/political viewpoints, they fail to recognize or respect different points of views and/or lifestyles.


It's very small... Wish it were just a little bit bigger, that way there would be more diversity.


The worst thing about the school is that the weekends are very boring because everyone either leaves or works. Which means no one is around.


A lot of classes were offered in the morning at 8.


the food! There aren't a lot of healthy choices.


No public transportation and food limitations


Campus Safety. We are located in a very safe and rich neighborhood, so the poor response time and inefficient student and adult workers don't matter all that much. All they really do is drive around and write parking tickets. (Parking is hard to find, but there are enough spots and it's free to everyone and still close to campus). The workers aren't very accomodating or helpful to students and usually carry around a ton of attitude, but you usually don't have to deal with them unless you're in trouble.


The curfew rule when having members of the opposite sex over, because it is hard if you have a friend from out of town or a different school that comes to visit, and having them either having to drive all the way back to their place late at night or find money for a hotel is hard for a college student.


The food plan and the location in relation to a metro area. The food service is acceptable, but it seems that for the amount of money that we pay, there should be a better alternative. Also, we are close to Milwaukee, WI, but far enough away that there is no public transportation whatsoever.


The worst thing about Concorida is the parking situation. We just added a new dorm that is beautiful, but it took away from much of the parking space. Students will come home from their various jobs and there will be no parking spots available, making them walk quite a distance just to get back inside.


For me personally, the worst thing about the school is the hypocrisy and moral standard among the students. Though many of the students that I am in class with are studying to teach children and be pastors within the LCMS standard, I see these same people binge drinking every weekend, being promiscuous with strangers and cheating on their school work. While I am paying so much more to go to a school that is founded in my spiritual beliefs, my surroundings are the same as if I was paying much less to go to a state school.