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What is the stereotype of students at Concordia University-Wisconsin? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotypes of students at the University of Washington is that they are nerdy, a lot of international students, and a strong greek community that will accept just about anyone. None of these stereotypes are true. Just like any other large institution, there will be a wide variety of individuals whom are all very different from one another.


Some stereotypes about students who attend UW are that we are all Geeks,Frat boys and Sorority Girls. FALSE, first of all we are not all geeks, haha. I am not going to lie some are, mainly the CSS department (just kidding, they are just really smart). Attending UW definitely requires a lot of dedication because it is not high school and the difference is huge. At UW you are responsible for yourself, this is true for most colleges. Although the first year is difficult for many the key to a successful college experience in terms of fun and acquiring marketable skills is finding the perfect balance. After working hard it is okay to have a little fun, UW is set in a prime location Seattle has so much to offer whether you are into music, the arts, movies, outdoor adventures and so much more! Frat boys and Sorority Girls, although we do have a large percent of Greek community here on campus, it is not what you see in the movies, that kind of lifestyle is not conducive to a successful college experience and it is a distraction that you don't need here. Sororities and Frats are not all bad on the other hand they have a lot of advantages for students who want to foster those close relationships with large groups of people and it is wonderful for networking and looking into the future. BUT you don't have to take my word for all of this you can Browse our website: OR stop by the campus for a tour: "Guided tours are offered Monday through Friday, at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. They leave from Schmitz Hall, 3rd floor lobby, and last 90 minutes. Guided tours are also offered on Saturdays beginning at 10:30 a.m. and leaving from the statue of George Washington. Tours are not offered on state holidays or the Saturday following a state holiday (for example, Nov. 12 or 26, 2011). We ask you to use our online registration site, which also contains a lot of helpful information" (University of Washington Website). which can be found here: ENJOY!