Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student who's willing to work hard and pursue their dreams.


Concordia University is a Luthren based campus. I would strongly reccomend anyone who has a strong religious background to attend, or even if you want to create a more personal relationship with religion. The people there are great and the campus is small enough for someone who doesn't want to attend a huge UW campus.


The kind of person who would want to attend this school would be one who just wants to focus on their education. This college is smaller than other colleges because it's a private school. Bigger universities can be a distraction due to the many activities and organizations that students can join or be involve in. and also, the amount of people that he/she may be surrounded with. The professors are smart and friendly and the class size is average of 14-20.


A person who is looking for a Christ centered education with caring professors. Also someone who is lookiong for a small size classroom with individualized attention in a caring manner.


People who are looking to grow in knowledge and spirit should definately attend this school. The professors at Concordia look to incorporate religion in there teaching in order to help students find the path God want them to take. Because the school is small it is very easy to see that the professors are able to get to know every student they teach and really do care about each person. They really strive to help students who want to learn about there chosen careers.


The kind of person who should attend this school, is someone who is strong in their Lutheran Faith, or wants to become stronger in their faith. Also, this person should expect to be a part of a close knit family of people. Don't expect to not work hard, because academically this school is demanding. Our campus is a dry campus, so if you plan on going to college to drink all the time, Concordia is not for you.


Someone who does not mind a mostly conservative point of view, who does not mind drinking off campus, and likes small classes with friendly classmates and accomadating professors


I am attending the school through a continuing education program and I would recommend it to those looking to further their eductation. It is a Luthern institution with some required courses in religion. Furthermore, people that like diversity would fit in well.


nurse, religion, paster, athetlic related


likes smaller schools, and who want to know everyone likes smaller class sizes and want to make good friends


People who are looking for a school that is not to big and not to small. Those who are interested in being in a smaller class and having more one on one attention would enjoy Concordia. If you have a Lutheran religious background Concordia would be a good choice. People who are interested in Business and Education majors would also find it to be a good fit at Concordia.


A person who is looking for a great education but also wants to grow in their faith.