Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The thing I find most frustrating about my school is the student workers who work in the cafeteria and other dining locations. They often close before their hours say they are closed.


While everything is close togather it can be hard to find a parking space near where you a staying.


The most frustrating aspect of Concordia University-Wisonsin has to be the fact that all the students commute to school which leads to the campus being dead on the weekends. Also the rules they enforce in the dorms can be somewhat frustrating as well.


The school I attend makes an effort to always say "You're an adult now. You're in charge of yourself". However, they don't allow you to grow up. They do things like blocking internet sites, for "innapropriateness" and giving us curfews. While I do agree that there should be rules, I don't think they should tell you what you can and can't look at, and when you should go to bed.


There are really not any things frustrating about my school


It seems a little too small. I just wish that I knew more people there.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how some of the administrative offices treat students. Most students dread going to the cashier's office and the finicial aid office because the people who work in those offices are always so rude.


The frustrating part of my college is that the front office of the school, the adminstration, they seem to care more about their financial gain. I feel that this area of the school is the only area where the people do not take a very personal approach to guiding students.


IT's small and not much to do


Proffessors understanding, being prepared, being on time, understanding, changing the lessons to apply more to everyday life on the job, the food on campus, attitudes in general, over use of excuses, professors never around to assist, help, guide, lead and do what they are getting greatly paid for


Early on when I entered into school here, I had a hard time coping with the differences that I came into from high school. The number of kids in my high school actually was greater than the number of students at Concordia. It was a little bit frustrating to change my perseptions.


That all of the building are connected through tunnels and the small size of the school. Everyone knows everyone


This school is not open to working with people in certain situtations (student with a child) and communication of what special events are and when they occur is not a good as it should be.


That one class cost more than tuition going fulltime. The code of conduct doesn't say can't or against it says "It's against God's wishes".