Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would've known which dorms were social and non-social. My choice of dorm would've changed if I had known this.


I knew what I needed to know, because the staff answered all my questions and was thorough in their answers.


Last August, I rode in a car for seven hours on my way to Concordia. I felt confident in my choice of major, friends, and extracurriculars. Little did I know that choices are unpredictable. I have accomplished things I never dreamed of doing and failed in areas in which I thought I would always succeed. I am a different person, with somewhat different goals, than I was even seven months ago. On that car ride in August, I wish I had realized that planning too far ahead is pointless, because college changes you.


I wish I had known that the available student athletic facilities were not what I had expected, and that the limited excercise facilities were always in use. I go off campus to Snap Fitness.


I wish I would have known more about the meal plans. They're pretty confusing and not many people have answers about that when they are questioned about it.


A little more about the buisness program and some of their professors


How boring the dorm hall I live in.


Nothing, it's what I expected.


How small of an Art Department


Try to figure out which major you want to concentrate on... its not easy or cheap to switch once you get into your second and third years.


The variety of majors offered on campus


That you can take CLEP tests to offset taking general education classes: cheaper, easier, and faster to CLEP. Look into getting as many scholarships as possible.


I took a lot of tours and met with a lot of people I was told everything pretty much up front and knew what I was getting into, they will answer your questions honestly and set you up with advisors in the major you are considering as well as group leaders and coaches for extra-curriculars you may be interested in. Concordia is very accomodating and up front.


I wish that I had better understood how prevalent alcohol is in the social scene, and how students' morals really do not differ from those of students at state schools, even though this private college is quite a bit more expensive. I also wish I had known that the teaching program is an extremely strenuous program to complete in four years, requiring students to take the maximum full time schedule and extra summer/winter classes if they wish to complete in four years.