Concordia University-Wisconsin Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Concordia was a great school when it came to preparing me for the classroom. The education program really is second to none and the staff in the secondary-ed Social Studies area were outstanding at giving advice and preparing their students for their daily lessons and challenges in the classroom. The approach they take to teacher preperation has made my life much easier as a new teacher when I compare my experiences to fellow teachers who attended univerities with lesser programs.


The teachers want you to succeed and will help you with whatever you need.


The small class sizes are helpful because they allow more interaction. I feel that I learn more this way.


I really love how it's right on the lake! The view is beautiful! All of the professors that I've had have been really helpful and understanding if a problem occured. Thes best thing about Concordia, is the size. I was terrified to go to a huge campus, and at Concordia everything is connected and easy to find the way around.


The best thing about my school is the people and the environment. Everyone is friendly and the environment is nice. It makes you feel like you belong and right at home.


The best thing about Concordia is the Godly atmosphere, expressed in ample worship opportunities, friendly professors and staff, and a devout student body.


The best this about my school is that they are not forcing the religion down my throat. I get to choose when and how I want to praise my GOD. I am a Lutheran and I attend every chapel service they offere. Its amazing here and all the friends you meet is so wonderful. I thank GOD each and everyday for the wonderful expereance.


As a non-traditional student, it's important to me to be able to take what I learn in the classroom and apply it to my everyday life. The professors do an excellent job at teaching the materials and relating it to life. It's the best school I've attended since starting my secondary education process.


The best thing about CUW is that they have good academics.


The people are really nice and it is easy to make friends.


Strong Christian environment with friendly and supportive peers.


I belive that the acceptance factor is the best thing about this school. You come in and everyone accepts you. They don't accept based on what you wear or what you look like or what you do or how much you drink. You are accepted for the individual that you are. It truly is a positive atmosphere.


For me personally, the best thing was the Christian atmosphere. In general, I think the best thing is the friendliness of the student body and the helpfulness of the faculty.


All of the teachers are very willing to make you improve in your studies. There is a lot of chances to get help in any class that you need.