Converse College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Converse is best known for its tight-knit community (which can be good or bad). It is a very small school, which means that professors can get to know the students better than at a larger college. Academically, it is known for its model league team and arts programs. On the master's level, education is the big one, though there is a low-residency Creative Writing program as well. The graduate programs are co-ed. However, at the undergraduate level, the single gender status is something Converse is known for.


My school is best known for its high academic standards and beautiful campus. Converse gives a challenging academic standard which prepares a person for higher education like Graduate school . It also gives a beautiful surrounding and amazing people that help a person prosper and gain life skills.


Converse us best known for its music and art programs; it is "the nation's only comprehensive professional school of music within a liberal arts college for women. " (


The school is best know for its education and music programs.


Converse College is best know for its excellent music school.


Being a nurturing academic environment with successful grads