Converse College Top Questions

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It is an all women's college. It has a small and community oriented environment.


Converse is a women's college, which is definitely not very common anymore. The best part of the school, and the top reason for attending, is the professors. Every professor I've had has been incredible and opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. They are more than worht the price of tuition!


It is an all girls school and it is also private which makees it different. This school helps girls reach their highest potential and skillls while giving them leadership skills and a challenging education.


This is a good school and has many different things to offer their students. It courages their students that anything is possible and that woman are very strong individuals. Here we have a voice and make a difference. I actually enjoy coming to an all girl school, it really is a unique experience itself.


Converse is full of people who are ready and willing to help you. With a school full of girls you can and would expect a lot of drama but there's not really of fighting or arguing. Going to Converse means being part of a close-knit community. And the fact that there are so many other colleges in Spartanburg means there's ample opportunity to network and meat other college students.