Converse College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school is that it is a suitcase college. Everyone goes home on the weekends and when you come from a far away state you do not have that kind of luxury. I just feel as if you come to college to be on your own, so why continue to go home? So most weekends it is rather quiet on campus, because all the local people have gone home, that has to be the worst thing about my school.


Due to the fact that Converse is a private college, there are some aspects in the housing front that could be improved, but they're currently remedying this with the current construction and housing renovation projects.


The worst thing about Converse College is how the campus floods and gets extremely muddy whenever it rains. Rainboots are a must at Converse!


Because we are a private institution, there is a lot of reliance on alumni and other supporters for money. Much of the administration focuses mostly on how to make more money for the college, and sometimes forgets about the students' needs.


The Convocation program, which requires us to attend a certain number of campus activities every semester. For each required meeting missed, we have to pay $30.


Having to go to convoctaions


The way that many of the wealthier students act, but that is a part of the real world. Many of the girls are very snobby and it just makes everyone around who doesn't have as much feel degraded by their actions.