Converse College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Converse College is a woman who wants to be independent but not on a large scale. It is a small campus where we get one on one attention while preparing us for something bigger than Converse. The kind of person who should attend Converse is one who wants college life, but without all the antics. To me, it feels like a small community where everyone knows everyone. It is welcoming but not smothering, it truly is lovely.


Anyone who wants a beautiful college with small classes and a friendly, accepting atmosphere, should attend Converse.


Someone who is interested in a complete Libral Arts Education.


Someone who wants to excel in life and be heard. Someone who values friendships, and likes living in a community where you know everyone and everyone knows you. A person who likes to learn and has questions.


A friendly person, someone who is willing to work hard and have an open mind. A motivated person is perfect for this school. Converse is not easy, nor will you be able to slide through. You are challenged and expected to do great things.