Converse College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the small class size to be the best thing about Converse. The largest class I have had so far was Fitness and Wellness (a required class) and it had maybe 30 students in it. The small class size means I get to interact with my peers more and have more contact with the professors. Another thing I really like is the single gender status of Converse. There are no males around to distract us or compete with us academically. We can still go to Wofford (a nearby coed school) if we want to.


The best thing about it is the size. There are not an owerwhelming number of students in your classroom. Plus, you get to know almost everyone on campus. Another good thing is that the professors here are very personable. You can go up and ask questions or get help without being afraid.


There is a great spirit of community and friendship at Converse. People care about other people; you're not just another student or a number. The preofessors are intelligent, respected, and fun to learn from. You can be as open or as closed as you want to be. You are accepted for who you are.


The best thing is that it is small and that most of the classes stay under 25 students. I like this because it provides more one on one time with the proffesors and I can get to know more people.