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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The students are pretty diverse in how they act, what they enjoy, and how they spend their time outside of the classroom. There are cliques, but most people in the engineering school associate with each other despite race or major. Many people are brought together by clubs and sports. There are racial, religious. and LGBT groups such as the South Asian Cultural Society, Hillel, Inter-Varsity, and G.L.A.S.S. (Gay Lesbian and Straight Spectrum). The artists and architects aren't so much a part of these groups. They rarely interact with the engineering students but do tend to interact with each other some. The engineers rarely talk about how much they think they'll be making because nobody knows how far they'll have gotten by that time. The artists do sometimes complain in a joking manner about how they'll never be financially stable since there are few jobs available for artists right now. Most of the students are from the tri-state area. Not many come from too far in the U.S. though there are a good many who come from South Korea or grew up in China. About a third of the students in the engineering school were born somewhere other than the U.S.


Student housing is only provided to freshman, so most students live in apartments. Apartments are easy to find in the area, but not living in campus housing makes it a bit tougher to socialize. There are a couple of fraternities, which I think are pretty lame, and ZERO sororities. There's already an overdose of testosterone in the school. People rarely go to parties besides the one or two parties thrown by student council or the frats, which to me don't really qualify as parties.