Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The school is incredibly competitive and will prepare you for being able to keep up with work in the real world. People who graduate from Cooper have little trouble keeping up with regular level jobs and so make their way up the corporate ladder. Cooper has a close knit community, at least in the engineering school. Many of the professors were once Cooper students with the mind of what would be best for us to learn. The most controversial issue that's been on campus this last year is whether Cooper will be able to continue with the full tuition scholarship because the school is in a financial crisis. There is plenty of school pride, mostly because we work so hard to be here and stay here. The school is based in the center of the East Village of Manhattan which is richly immersed in many cultures. It's an interesting area to be in and never gets dull. The school has some troubles with scheduling, they are very strict with the curriculum so unfortunately there isn't much room to take courses outside a specific set of core courses until one's junior year. There are some teachers that expect a ridiculous amount of work to be done for their class but since this is a competitive school students need to be ready for it.


When I tell people that I go to Cooper Union, they are either very impressed or have that look on their face that screams, "where the hell is that?" Cooper Union's student body is TINY. This can be positive or negative- I love that I know everyone by face in my school and that I can be on any club or team that I'd like. When I lost my favorite scarf in one of the staircases, another student picked it up, knew it was mine, and put it in my mailbox. Most sections only have about 20 students, and so teachers generally take attendence and know when I'm missing (this sucks). The building itself is completely outdating and unattractive, but the new building will hopefully be up eventually. The East Village surrounding the Cooper Union is tons of fun, with great restaurants and bars.