Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Cooper Union promotes, and takes means to facilitate, artistic and academic exploration. The teachers encourage free thought and independent study and take steps to ensure that they are informed on current artistic concerns. The competitive nature of the school makes it so the student body consists of hard working, creative and dedicated students who act as a strong community for one another. I feel that this directly comes from the teachers, whose high standards make foster for a each student a challenging but rewarding enviroment.




The skill set of the entire architecture portion of the cooper union is extremely varied. The diversity between age and thought allow for a mix of ideas that are able to develop not only through their own means, but from listening and understanding to others.


The best thing about Cooper Union is its full tuition.


The academic rigor and the standard of teaching and the quality of the students are unparalleled, based on my experiences with students from other top level schools where I observed the Cooper Union was far more difficult and taught far more than other schools.