Copiah-Lincoln Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would give the advice to not stress as much about what college life was going to be like. Not all of the stories are true, the good and the bad. Each college students experience is going to be a different story, and each one is just as interesting as the next. Classes will be grueling at times and at others they will be the funnest times that you'll have. Take the work flow as it comes and NEVER put off papers, it just is not worth it. Ultimately though, just enjoy the time that you have and live it up.


I would say to myself, "Angela, remember that booklet you made in the first grade, called 'About Me?" Remember you said that you wanted to be a nurse when you grow up. In the book was a picture you drew of yourself as a nurse helping someone. You have done a very good job at studying science in high school. You even took AP classes, and even though you didn't get college credit for those classes, at least you tried! You should not give up. You must take those classes again in college and this time you WILL pass them. You can go on to become a very successful nurse. You will find inner happiness doing something that was challenging yet, your dream and your destiny. You should not try to convince yourself that other careers will make you happy because they won't. Fulfilling your dream will make you happy. Goodluck taking those science courses. They won't be a cake walk, but they will be interesting and a good challenge. Finally, when you're able to work as a nurse, you will look back and say, 'Thank goodness I didn't give up.'"


If I could go back to myself during my senior year of high school and talk about my first year of college there not many things I would have to tell myself. I finished my high school with a 4.1 GPA so I believe I did my best as far as grades go. I never feel to peer pressure and I was true to my morals and beliefs. But if I had the chance to do something better it would be to be nicer to more underprivleged students. Looking back I can see that I was mostly consumed with me and my little world so I do not believe I helped as many peaple along that year as I could have. I know that I have been blessed with so much and I realize that they are so many not as blessed as myself, so I wish I could have encouraged them more than I did. I knew where I was going and I knew college was there for me. I wish I would have seen that were others that did not believe college was for them, noone had ever told them they could make it. I would have!


I would really put more time into studying, than attending football games. I would not have missed as many days as I did my senior year.I would have took my ACT numerous of times. I would attend ACT workshops, rather than sleeping in til three on a Saturday afeternoon. I would bring my friends together; so we all could make a schedule of days to study,go shopping,attend football/or basketball games, and a day for hair and nails. If I could go back in time, the main thing I would focus on would be my GPA. Colleges really look at your GPA and ACT or SAT scores.


I would give myself the advice to use all the resources that I could find. I would tell myself to take the ACT as amany times as possible. I would use the Internet to try to find as many scholarships as possible because college is expensive and I am less fortunate than others. I would use the counselors as much as possible to obtain information that would be useful to me. I would just advise myself to broaden my horizon because if I dont, who will?


I would say to go to a community college and try to get all my basic classes taken care of within a year. Do not try to focus on choosing a major first, just get an Associates in Arts Degree then the last two years choose a major after you discover your strengths and weeknesses.


The advice I would give myself is when you graduate from high school, go to college and make sure this is what you want, do not delay once you have made up your mind to go, do not let fear of the what if's or the unknown stop you from achieving your goals, give a strong fight and work hard for what you want out of life, have the courage to face what you can or cannot change, give it your all, never give up, think positively, and most of all , believe in yourself and that nothing is impossible for you to accomplish regardless of age, race, gender, color or ethnic background. Also, remember that college and making the transition are not as difficult as you first thought.


The best advice I think I could give myself would be to never wait until the last minute. Going ahead and finishing everything you need before the day before it is due will make your life so much easier. Another thing is to study every night. Even if it is only a little, it will pay off in the end. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions. Any question you ask is relevant, who knows if you are afraid to ask in front of people another person probably has the same problem. But, if you are too afraid to ask, just ask the teacher after class. It definately pays off to put in hard work and effort.