Copper Mountain Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The thing I would stress most to my high school self would be that college life should be about more than just a degree. Do not abandon your other hopes and dreams in pursuit of a degree. The tunnel vision will make achieving aspirations nearly impossible. You may get a degree in business administration, but if you don't continue to dance you can never open a dance studio. If you only pursue a career because you've been told you must have one for a job, you may survive through college and get a job. However, if you pursue something you are truly passionate about, you will find motivation to get through study sessions, the willpower to get out of bed and go to class. A degree should make attaining your goals easier. Use your time in college to build a foundation for your passion. Don't force yourself to fit inside a category because it is easier. See the courses as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and tailor your schedule to suit your needs. Ultimately, the degree proves only that you are teachable. Your experiences during class and the learning experience will matter most in the end.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself about what life is and how it works i would of told myself to pay more attention in school and to study more. My whole life people told me that i should study more and listen to my teachers but I never listened. I was not a bad student at all , I was not disrespectful or a student who got into trouble but I did not work as hard as I should of in school. I always tried to just get by without any effort and I regret that now. When I was in high school I did not care for school but now that I am out of school I want more of it. If I could go back in time I would of told myself to not take a free education for granite because now school is no longer free and I want school more than ever.


As a person who waited ten years between high school and college, I would have a lot to say to my former self. First of all, I would recommend going straight to community college out of high school. Go to a college in your town if you have the opportunity to keep living with your parents. Once you get your AA you can take a year off if you still aren't sure what career path you want. If you go to university without a clear idea of the career you want, you won't appreciate the experience. But if you wait too long to go to college, life takes over and you have a lot more to juggle with running a household and having a family. Once you are in college, make your schoolwork a high priority but keep your life balanced with family and friends and avoid getting self absorbed.


I would walk up to myself, grab myself by the shoulders, and shake the daylights out of me. I would make sure my past self understood how important it was to sign up for all the federal aid possible, apply like crazy for scholarships/grants, and to force myself to do better in math. That way, I could be accepted into a 4-year, accredited university's Accelerated Computer Science (Bachelor of Science) degree program and be working for a video game design company within the next 2-3 years. Oh, and I would tell myself to invest in Apple's new Macbook debut in 2008, they're incredibly popular right now.


WOW. What a question. I believe that I wouldn't be back in college if I hadn't been through several major life changes. I decided to go into nursing after a gastric bypass and losing 279 pounds. If I were to go back to my high-school self- I would suggest to take classes that I was interested me. Not just the general ed, but art, history, psychology, medical terminology, things that would peak my interest and keep me on a directed and focused path. I would tell myself to be real with my counselor and not just tell them what they want to hear, I'd want myself to realize that I am there for myself. Not my dad, not my mom, but for me.


I would say, "Marquell you are now a senior and is where wisdom has to kick in. This your last year in high school and you have decide what are you going to do after you graduate. What you decide will affect of infect youf future. Education is very important. No one in your family has ever finished college. You now all the struggles they have because they did not further thier education. This is my last year and somehow I believe that there is a new chapter to begin. Scared I am. But I keep looking at the end results if I don't and the results if I do. I know witghout an education you can not get a good job and you will live from pay check to pay check. I do know I don't want to be like that. I want be sucssessful and I am determined to suceed . Now it is time to get serious and focus. I think to myself college is for me. This is the time you grow up. The guys,parties and friends wil;l be there after but right now I choose life and I have goals to accoplish.


I would tell myself that the world would be a hard place to surive in today market the student would need more education because the student life will be much hard and that a high school diploma will not give you a leg up on the everyone else the student who have a degree will be pay more than high school graduate because student with less experinece but might have a great knowledge of the what they are doing the today because are student are suffering just to make end meet are student are trying some might dropout of college but if you proceed with a college education you will make.