Coppin State University Top Questions

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Coppin State University is a small prominent college. The professors are GREAT! They have been so helpful since I have attended this school. I enjoy the class size and comfort level.




The fact that mostly everyone seems to get along is unique at Coppin State. It like one big family we all help each other out no matter what the problem is. Their rarely is conflict on campus and if so, the conflict is solved right away.


My grandmother and mother attended this university. When I was in high school, I always wanted to be a teacher, however as I prepared to graduate from school I wasn't sure if I wanted to start a career in Nursing. With my family's income and the area I lived in Coppin was the best decision for me, instead of Morgan State. Coppin has a very competitive Nursing program and great Education program.


Coppin State University is a very good school. It is unque in it's own way, it has many teacher here that would like to see there students pass. All the teachers here do not like to see their students fail. Coppin State University has a great way of showing their students how much they care about them. Coppin State University has many things for their students do while they are on their campus.


Coppin State Uniersity has an excelent sports medicine program and will help me fullfil my goals. Since Coppin is so small it is easy to get the hands on training you need to learn at your own pace. Also the professors at Coppin are kind and willing to work with you to help you succeed and that is rare amoung colleges today.


I must say my school is very unique in its own way; for every major progam that the school offers to the students, internships are offered to the students so they can have hands on experience before graduation. The professors and course advisors are always willing to lend a hand in every way the can. With Coppin State University being known as a black school, the school has one of the best sporting facilities in the nation; this has drawn a lot of caucasians and foreign students to the school.


The nursing program at Coppin State University is the best in Maryland.