Coppin State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that is excited to learn and be around professors that will accelerate learning should attend this school. Furthermore, any person that is looking to become a teacher or nurse should certainly attent this school.


There is no specific person whom I would recruit to attend my school. It is a school with a great atmosphere and it is comprised of teachers who want nothing but the best and expect great things from each one of their students. Coppin State University is a school for all.


A person that attends my school should be serious about there education. When it comes to no play time thats my school we pride ourselves on being the best in anything we do. Just my school isnt in the best area possible but for the circumstances people who have graduated from coppin have gone on to live prosperouslly.


anybody should attend this all depends on what the persons likes and dislikes


I think this school is best for people who are focused on their education and not looking for fun in college. A lot of the students that attend Coppin, do not stay on campus. Most have children or jobs they attend to after class.


A person attending this school would be great for traditional and non traditional college students. Coppin State University not only are supportive to thier struggling students but are working to rebuild thier community as well. There is room for a student who wants to start new organization and get recognition because although there are clubs and organizations we have room for plenty more. Whether your are 35 or 17 this school will be a good fit for you.


A person who does not have a lot of money to pay for expensive colleges or universities. Also, a person who likes historically black colleges because this is one. If you are a nursing major Coppin State has a great nursing program that can help you progress on your way to success.


Coppin State University does not limit students; Students from diverse backgrounds are welcome to attend the school.


The type of person I say should attend this University is an person who is all about school. Likes to study, easily focused. Coppin State University is a school of serious buisness, and if your not about buisness then the CSU is not for you. You have to be an person who comes to school everyday, with homework, textbooks etc. The main thing you will learn the first week of school is that the teachers at CSU don't tolerate foolishness. They don't except to many excuses and if you are a person of excusesdon't come to CSU .


Some one who has no problem with cold.