Coppin State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were able to go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus on school and not working. I would tell myself to not get complacent and acceptable of the amount of money I was making. I would advise the younger me to listen to my elders and go to college , right after highschool, so that I would not get passed over for promotions, because I didn't have a college degree. I would explain that with a college degree, in any area, I would prove to an employer my willingness to go beyond, the required education level. In doing this, I would also have an instance of going above and beyond what is requested of me.


If I couold go back and tell myself a few things about college life I would tell me to stay more focus. That it might seem easy at first but it gets harder the further in you are. I would also tell myself not to wait to the last minute to do anything and to also study more. I can say that living on campus is a breeze but to not get pulled in by the fun because it can and will distract you from your work. Another thing is that since I am out of state going to school that I need to think about ways to get back home because the people you think are there are not always avaiale to help with with that big move. Last but not least I would tell me to open up and make new friends becuase it doesnt hurt to have them. So if I was able to go back to my senoir year in high school, these are some of the things I would say to myself.


If I could go back in time would advice myself to stay focus and not play around.


I would have told myself that everyone in college is not like-minded. High school does help to weed out a lot of the people who do not want to do their best but some make it through. My view of college was that everyone was going to always study, attend class, and do well. My view of college faced a harsh reality check when I actually got on campus. There were people that were there for education purposes but there were also people there for fun. Once I got over the fact that everyone was not like me. I started to pick my friends that were also like-minded and had the same goals. Another thing that I would have told my high school self would be that college is not as difficult as many of the older students told me it was. Once I got on campus, I automatically started to study hard and do homework early. After a while, I noticed that if create a schedule for me to follow and try not to procrastinate. I could finish strong in my studies. The transition is easy with preparation.


The advice I would give myself is to be committed. College is a commitment to achieving your goals and dreams. The aspiration that I felt as a senior was about committing myself all four years so that I could graduate. The same focus, dedication and committment should have been applied to my college life. Had I done so I would have accomplished this goal a lot earlier.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to stay focused on the ultimate goal which is to graduate and be prepared enough to start a career in your field of choice. I will advise myself to study as much as possible and engage in conversation with professors as much as possible because they like to see students that care and are interested. Furthermore, I will make sure and tell myself to not stress about college life but stress could lead to unnecessary actions such as drinking, not completing work, and other actions that are negative towards the ultimate goal in college. Lastly, I will advise myself to have fun, responsibly, because people should have fun in college but do it reasonably.


The advice that I would give myself is to put my all into my work habits. I finished high school with a 3.0. That is a good GPA, but I know that I could have done better if I remained focused and steadfast in my work. I would consumed byt the conversations around me and that would throw me off from what I was supposed to be doing. As a result, my work did not reflect my true potential and the knowledge that I truly possessed. Another critical piece of advice I would give myself is to be quiet and listen.


I would highly advise myself to not go to an out of state university. I wanted so badly to be closer to my grandparents that I wasn't thinking about how much everything would cost. Instead I would advise myself to go live there for a bit, get a place, settle down and figure out the living situation first. Then go to a community college close to my grandparents house.


If I could go back in time the advice that I would give myself is to stop the habit of procrastination and to start preparing for college and the real world. Nobody is going to baby you and keep reminding you to do things in life. You are going to have to learn to do them on your own and to own to your responsibilities if you fail to remember. High school is similar to college you have people that will help guide you to the right path and give you advice, but your teachers are going to want and expect more out of you. so start preparing for the future.


I would tell my self we have come to far to come back now. Yes i know you miss your mother tremendouslly but you cant blame yourself for her passing its a part of life we all go through. Im going to warn you there will be parties, males, females, and some things in your free time you could spend time doing instead of studying. Please trust me when i tell you it's not worth it. Nothing and I mean nothing in this life is free, you must work for what you want. I hear you telling people you want to become a Neontal Nurse Practioner with that profession comes hard work, dedication, time, and money. Lastlly i will warn you that you will be single longer than you planned not because there is anything wrong with you it just means you must wait till education is complete please, dont be sad there is a big prize waiting for you at the end. Do your best and remember there are people rooting for your victory.


with me being a current college student, if i vould go back in time, as a highschool senior i would have envouraged myself to have better study havvits and methods of studying. Although i was very succesful in highschool i always study at the last minute and i never had a method of studying. now as a vollege student i still am following the same habbits . Although i have great success with what i am doing now, i am pretty sure that if my study habbits were better then i wouldnt make the silly mistakes that i make on exams and quizes.


I would tell my high school self to reach for the stars because if you want it it can be attainable. I would tell her that prioratizing, time management, and a positive out look will be good tools to have. I believe that the transition can be hard in the beginning as in any new experience, but you can do it because it has been done so many times before you. I would say stay true to yourself and the morals that you have because in college you many encounter negative things that can hinder you from being sucessful. I would also say that it possible to be involved in campus activities and still get good grades. I would actually recommend to become involved in everything that you want to because in my opinion college is not just about the academics but being well rounded.


Tiffany, shut up and listen! You need to get your head out of the clouds and focus. You'll have the rest of your life to have fun but right now you need to concentrate on your academics and get a clue about financial management. You don't realize how easy you have it right now. In two years you'll have a beautiful son that will change everything you think you know about life. Your absence of drive will negatively impact both of your lives if you continue to neglect your responsibilities. That being said, nursing is probably a better major for you as opposed to being a business major like your brother. You'll enjoy it and it will be much more appealing to you. It won't necessarily be any easier but you're better suited for it. You will struggle but anything worth having is worth fighting for. Always remember to love yourself because from slelf-love comes self-esteem, self-respect, self-appreciation and self-awareness. Also, do yourself a favor and put down the snacks. Metabolism turns on you after twenty-one. You will make it through, kid. Never stop smiling.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to stay focused, bust my butt to make good grades and attend school everyday. I would also tell myself that friends and outside can always wait because everything thats here now will be here when Im finished school. The most important thing I would tell myself is that boys can wait because 'books before boys because boys bring babies'. I would tell myself to study hard and ace those SAT's so that I could be awarded with all the grants and scholarships available to me. I would also tell myself to think about my future and where I would like to be 5-10 years from now because without higher doesnt go far. If I could go back in time, these are the things I would tell myself.


College experience is wonderful! I could not imagine how much i have gotten out of college experience until I went back to spend this past holiday with my friends who have not gone to college yet. They confessed that I have really been refined and redefined in the manner I now speak, reason, think, and appraise issues. College is valuable to attend because it does not only widen your intellectual and academic horizon, but it equally prepares your with qualitative leadership tranings that are sufficient for you to face the real world after college. I advise everybody to go and have college experience because it is a lifetime experience. All my friends who were not college graduates are now in college.


My perception of college and what I have experienced have been a life changing event. My peers always given me the perception that college life is all about learning who you are socially. Without every attending a university I created a certain bias a prejudice. The only real experience I had before attending college was reality television. I always dreamed of the day that I would be able to attend an actual university. Truly I never thought I would be able to attend college. I did not know whether or not I would have the support or the confidence to achieve that kind of goal. The only people I ever seen attend college were on television and there was no one in my family who would even conceder attending college. Therefore; just having the chance to experience the college is what I conceder being valuable.


During my time at Coppin State University I have grown to become very independent. I've learned that in order to become successful you have to want it for yourself. Entering college I was very dependent on people controlling my level of success but from attending Coppin State University it has taught me to be self driven and self motivated if I want to become successful in life. I've learned the values of hard work and patience over the years at Coppin. Everything in life doesn't come easy you have to strive and work hard for it. Also during my time at Coppin, I've learned how to adjust to my surroundings understanding others point of views and looking out of the box. Everything isn't about me and to become successful you have to compromise to make things work. Coppin State University have molded me into a successful business woman who wants nothing more than to become successful and accomplish all of my goals with a positive attitude. I value hard work and determination a lot more from attending Coppin State University.


So far my college experience had been good and bad. The good part is that im learning to be more social and more independent. The teachers leave your education up to you so that you have to work for what you want. This is great for me because i love to be challenged. This is very valuable to me because i believe by attending college it starts to shape your future. You learn who you are and who you want to be around. You also learn new skills and discover what you really want out of life.




During the past few months that I have attended college I have gotten many ideals out of this experience. The most important value that I have taken from my college experience overall is responsibility. No longer did I have my mother wake me up every morning to tell me to go to my classes. No longer did I have my teachers push me to do my work. No longer was I a child. I feel as thought, even though this is just the beginning of my college experience, my evolution to adulthood began the moment I started my college courses. My attendance of college has been especially valuable because it taught me the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment.


Out of my college experience, I have really matured. I realized there is no longer time for fun and games. I go to class during the day. And I attend my part time job in the evening. I see how it is to struggle in the world as balance homework and work throughout the school year. The struggle keeps me motivated to finish school in four years with a bachelors degree and find a career, not just a job.


Out of my college experience, I've discovered the rigors of college, and the determination I will need to pursue my dream of becoming a surgeon. So far, I have made strong friendships with people who share my dream, and they motivate me to further pursue my goals. I believe that i have grown as a person since beginning college, and am improving upon myself, as well as my schoolwork.


There are many things that I have received out of my college experience; however, the most important thing is that I can accomplish anything that I want. Furthermore, it taught me that I to be my own advocate for my education, and that if I want to succeed in life, there is only two people that I can depend on is my creator, and I. Also, it has shown me that if I want a better live for myself, and my family, it is solely my responsibility to go after my dream, and to achieve the goals for which I have set out for myself. Since I have been in college, I have learned that the only way that I can improve my situation, is by giving 100% of myself, and Don’t quit when thing get hard, when they sometime will. But for the most part, college has taught me to persevering can get me over many hurdles.


Being in college has taught me who I am and why I am the way I am. When I am on campus I feel like there is good chance that I will have a great future. Coppin State is preparing for the professional world and to challenge it during its injustice and to enhance its beauty. It has helped me to accept the very things that society has told me to be ashamed of and turn my weakness into strength. Because of college Iam a better person and have wonderful opportunity that can take me anywhere in life. I have learned struggle, hard work, and determination can bless you into a person who appreciates what is most important in life and its important to have the knowledge to help someone to realize the same thing.


In the time since I have started college, I have met some new and interesting people. I have learned a lot in my studies so far in literature that I may otherwise not have read. I can see how college is important for that next step in, not just learning, but life. I have a new appreciation for education and love it. I just cannot wait to take it to the next step. The experience I have had so far I would not take back for the world. College is such a diverse place where you can see things from different points of views. I wish more people had a chance to have the learning experience I have had in so far, it would be a great benifit to the world. I plan on continuing my journey through education and to tell people the wonders of higher learning.


Before starting my college experience i was unsure and not really worried about my future. My life seemed to just be a boring depressed routine in witch i just worked and worked but still had no money and no direction. One of my friends reffered me to SJVC to come and get some information on a short career and it was then when my life took a step into a diferent direction. SJVC helped me realize that with out a career life would continue the same boring path and keep having a job rather than a career. I have leaned many things and developed goals and expectations for my self. Thanks to SJVC i am now wroking towards my A.S. degree in criminal justice and have a set goal for my life career.


My college experience has been amazing! I am in my second year of Dental Hygiene and I absolutley love what I do. I feel like I do more than just "clean teeth" because during my experience I have learned how to educate my patients not only on their oral health, but how their oral health affects their entire body. I couldn't imagine not attendind college. I know that I am on my way to providing for myself, and that is so important to me. I love Dental Hygiene, I love being on my way to becoming independant, and most of all I love that from doing all of this I will provide a better life for myself and my future family :)


I have gotten so much knowledge from the professors and fellow upper level students. The professors unconditionally give of themselves to the students by helping us understand the role of the nurse and how nursing involves more than just giving a needle or taking vital signs but it also involves being compassionate and acting as an advocate for the patient. I have also gotten a sense of belonging out of my college experience. I have met so many people who are attending nursing school with me who are giving and helpful and who encourage me to succeed and continue on my journey to acquire my BSN i Nursing and ultimately sit fo and pass the Board to acquire my RN licensure.


During my college experience I have mastered very good study skills, time management, and being academically focused. I also know that graduating from college on time is very important to me. I have also learned how to be a more social person to my peers around me. My college experience has been valuable to me because what I have learned during this college experience will be how I approach the professional world.


I have gotten so much from college that it is hard to summarize or choose. I have a great foundation for my course work of study, nursing. I have learned valuable skills in communication, positive inflection of myself and others and priortization skills. I have made great friends who are studying the same field. I've learned what my strengths and weakness are as a student and a person. That has made me to learn how to deal with others in various situations more effectively. By attending every class, it has made me a great influence on my children. They see that school is important to me and how I have to study and do homework. I think this makes them better students as well. Since I am paying for my education and this a degree that is important to me, it makes me work harder to make it happen. I don't take things for granted and try to improve myself with each class. I think that all of these things have made me a great student and a better parent.


After being in College for almost two years I really have learned a lot. College has taught me how to be independent and has made me a more mature indivdiual. Before I came to college I thought it was all about partying and fun, but now I know its about the work and graduating in order to obtain my dream career. I have learned to be focused and I have also ,learned to have my priorities straight. I am confident that I will be ready to go into the world on my own and do fine because college is preparing me for the obstacles. Overall, going to college is one of my best decisions in life thus far.


Coming to college has shown me a lot of things and has been valuable in so many ways. When i graduated high school my plan was not to come to college and just work but, once i did Coppin's summer program i knew with all my heart that i wanted to go here. In my experience in college, i've learned how to become independent and to take my education more seriously. College has been valuable because i thought college would be hard and boring, but it became easy once i put my mind to the fact that i am going to do well. College is also bettering myself for the long future ahead of me.


Well college for me, has been both successfull academically, socially, and personally. I see everything in college as a learning and transition period. Here is where i have begun to find myself because I am on my own and have to learn how to make decisions for myself. In doing this, i have to learn a lesson if i so happen to make a "wrong" decision. I don't regret anything that I do I just try to learn from my actions and apply that to myself personally and become a better person. Academically, I've had my ups and downs but I always try to remain positive and not become discouraged because that would cause me to lose focus. I've met some great people here as well. We've develop[ed a bond and a sisterhood and I love all of my friends. No matter how many downs I acquired, there is still an up side to it all. My experience here has been great. I wouldn't change anything. I learned a great deal and not just academically. I have grown personally and have gained some needed knowlege. And I am forever greatful.


Iam very pleased with the college education received from Coppin State University. The faculty and staff are very helpful and encouraging to the students. Ive attended serveral colleges and this is the college I felt most at home. The students and teachers are genuine. Their is a over all atmosphere of greatness. So I student I strive to be the best in what ever I do,because of the guidance of the teachers and staff. I love my experience at Coppin and I would like to encourage future students to select Coppin for attendance.


i have gotten a good bit but the one thing i really got out of it was to take your time because if you dont time will take you. in other words if you dont take you time it will be hard to finish.


In my younger years, I was much more prone to rash decisions and fast action. Instead of working my way through a challenge, I consistently looked for ways to cut corners, to get the job done faster. And that method worked for me for a long while. My college experience has taught me the value in patience and understanding. What it means to discover a solution by truly understanding the problem rather than just looking for a quick fix. I have also learned that finding solutions often requires teamwork, compromise and the humility to ask for help. I learned that the fastest and easiest solution is not always, if ever, the best solution. At Coppin State University, I have discovered real value in hard work, determination, committment and true friendship. I am learning what it means to put trust in someone, and to have that trust and respect put in my hands for safe keeping. Along with math, science, english and the arts, I am learning the value of honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and respect. I have learned, at Coppin, that although good things come to those who wait, the best things come to those who work hard.


I have gotten to learn how to be more social with people on campus in a way you have to show it back because everyone here is so friendly and respectful of one another. Also, how to be more focused in school because the professors here are about helping students succeed with their work. I have met a lot of new people here on campus and friends with people who live in the dorms. Coppin State University has been valuable to attend because the faculty and staff were here to help me with picking my major and the tutoring services here at the school are great.


As a senior studying Health Information Management, I have been able to understand the significance of education in one's life. It is a very eye opening experience and I have been able to flourish from it. I am more confident and open minded on all issues. I am also glad that I will be making a difference in the outside world, especially in healthcare when I graduate. My education has also helped me to positively influence others and I know I will continue to influence others & advocate for my patients and the organization that I will represent in the future. I belive I am now fully prepared for the work force and in making the world a better place. Thank you.


I have gained a lot out of my college experince from my first year. I learned that paying attention in middle school and high school is essential because when coming to college it it the same thing but more detailed. When coming to college i realized most of the items were the same but more detailed and complex and made me wonder that it would be way easier if I payed close attention in high school. I gained to not take anything for granted or to never forget what you learned. It has been valuable to attend because I can go back home and tell my little brothers what to do so they wont be in my same situation when they graduate high school. I know i can prepare them to do better then I did since they have someone to look up to. Unlike me that did not have anyone to help me but i was succesfull and made it this far.


I have gotten education, and it is valuable to attend because it is a diversed college.


To Whom It May Concern I hold my college education in great value because it gives me the opportunity to work with people, to problem solve difficult situations through the help of my peers and professors; I have also won the admiration of my peers, I am able to use the skills I have learnt so far to help others and the greatest accomplishment of all will be when I complete my college education coming up May 2011. My college experience has provided opportunities for me that are not available without college education, such as my Health Information Management (HIM) degree program. It encourages me to think and ask questions and explore new ideas. It has also allowed me to gain additional growth and development which has provided an edge for me in the job market over those who have not experienced a college education. I must be completely honest, school was not my priority before, I now know that knowledge is power; with education the sky is the limit for those of us that are in the minority. Thank You, Peggy Okubanjo


Being as though I only been in college for two month, I have gotten alot out of the college experience. For example, before I arrived in college I didn't think studying actually mattered. I didn't think that brainstorming , freewriting, or pre-writing could actually make writing a paper faster and easier. I have also gotten the fact that coming to school everyday is very very important. Also that college is not a joke once you miss one day you are completely lost, thats how fast the classes go. It has been valuable for me to attend college because of the knowlegde i have gained in the last two months. If i would have never attended college I would not know the important things i know now. Things like its not good to highlight books on the first reading because it can cause you to lose focus on what yoou are reading.


In college I've learned that it is nothing like high scool. There is n o one to wake me up and tellme to go to class, study for tests, and make me do my homework. College has made me a more responsible and more independent person. I've learned to take responsibilty for my faults. College has made me realize that there are so many options for a career. Since I've been in college I am now considering grad school, because with a lot of people taking the opportunity to go to college, a bachelors degree will soon be equivalent to a high school diploma. I love college and I will take advantage of this opportunity and try to go as far as possible!


I have gained some much knowledge during my time at Coppin State University. My college experiences are not what expected. I had a chance to meet people from many different places such as Africa, Barbados, Europe, and many more. I would have never guess that I would come in contact with people from around the world. This opportunity gave me the chance to integrate and jump out of my comfort zone of what I am used to. It also gave me a chance to learn about different cultures that I never knew exsisted. I am a social butterfly, I love meeting new people; thus far I think that has been the most valuable besides education. I also realized that many of my Professors share a lot in common although were from another race or nationality. I think that is exciting; I love Coppin State University for its diversity although there isn't that many but it is quite a few. IFrom my college experience I learned that knowledge and education is the KEY to success and I will never forget it because Coppin does a good job of letting its students know that.


I have gotten out of college experience is that it can be fun but also alot of work and hard work. College is valuable for me to attend because i want to be able to better my life and get a degree and be able be successful. I want to be able to have somthing to love to do and not have to worry about having to work i want to go to work and love working. College is very important for me in my life because of the thing that i have wen t through and thing people have told me of what i can and cannot do. Growing up was very hard for as i lost my parents at a young age and never really knew them and i want to make them proud of me. I believe by me going to college and pursueing my dreams i will be able to make them very happy


I've learnt to appreciate the little things I tend to take for granted more. I've made life long friends, and I know that the experience has made me into a better person. I'm grateful and thankful to God for it.


College gave me a sense of independence . I learned more about myself in those two years than I had in my whole life! My experience in college has been absolutely invaluable and the things I learned extended through the walls of the institution. I am greatly looking forward to going back to college so I can learn even more and extend my horizons even further.


Through my college experience I have learned to live independently. I have learned to handle my own problems without having to call my parents and ask for advice everytime. I have also learned that it is beneficial to budget your money while in college. You can't spend all of your money on things you want, now it's about things you need. Looking for scholarships and grants is also a very important part of the experience because when you graduate you want to be in as little debt as possible. It is very valuable to attend college; it teaches you independence, maturity and introduce you to real world problems. Problems that you would not be able to experience under your parents supervision.


In my college experince, I have joined many clubs that I never did before. For example, the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. This is a very prestigiuos honor society in the United States and being a part of it, and serve as an officer, is really a very outstanding experience. This society allowed me to practice my leadership skills and to meet amazing people. I learned a lot from it, not only academically, but being responsible citizen of the community. We have participated in many activities inside the school, fundraising work, and volunteer work. This made my college experience complete. Being a college student is very rewarding, not only because I am learning the things that I need for my future life, but also I am learning from the various experiences from my college. Inside the classroom, I have also met many people that are there to pursue their dreams and recorgnizes the importance of education. Besides from my parents, these people also gave me inspiration to continue studying. All of the things I learned inside and outside the classroom will surely helped me in my life.


I would advise myself that school work comes first, play later! College is not like high school. College is paid, and high school is free. Therefore, money should not be wasted when in college. Good grades actually pay off at the end.