Coppin State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I wished I had known before I came to this schol is how hard it is to make sure your financial aid is good. Another thing I wish to have known is the how little space they have when it comes to housing.


I wish that the school would have advertised more. I actually going to attend Howard University before I decided to switch schools. I never knew that Coppin even existed. The only schools that I heard about that was in Baltimore was John Hopkins, Morgan, Loyola, UMBC, and Stevenston. I was extremely suprised of how cheap Coppin was and how great their Nursing program was.


I wish i would have know the importance of school. Dont get me wrong i always loved school i just wish i known the importance of applying for scholarships like i do now. During my high school years i was undecided about what school i would go to, i just wish i had decided earlier so i could have prepared better as far as financies.


I wish i would have been more aware of my surroundings because it is not in the best neighborhood. Sometimes it can be hard to get on campus housing. So my advice is not to procrastinate with any of the paper work you have to turn in.


There really isn't anything I had concerns about before coming to Coppin State University. Everything I thought college would be proved to be correct. I already knew what to expect coming to Coppin State because I attending a college tour which brought us to Coppin and gave us an experience of what their college life was like.


I wish that I would have known how expensive the classes are because I pay for school out of pocket. I wish that I would have also have known that during my Junior Year I would be mandated to attend school full time.


I wish I knew that I had to stay on top of my own financial aid. I thought that everything was good, but by November all of my forms were not processed, which caused me to lose grants and have to take out several loans. Now I learned my lesson and the administrators know my name and face because I am in there constantly.






I wish I knew that transfer students who never made up their mind on a degree to pursue while they were in a two years would have to choose one instantly if they want to register for classes at coppin.


I wish I would have known that out of state tuition was going to be very expensive, and applied for more scholarships to pay for my education instead of having to take out so many loans.


I wish that i knew they did nit offer criminal/forensic psychology as a major just yet.




Before I came to this school I wish I would have known that my school has an "open-campus". My school is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Alot of crime occurs in the areas surrounding my school. Living on an open campus, meaning anyone can walk onto our campus and into some of our facilities, makes me uneasy because of the crime rate.


I wish i had known that the school administration is very poor.


I know alot about the school because, I have friends who went there and I read up about it.


Wish I had known what a blue-light district was.