Corban University Top Questions

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Corban University is a community. The teachers care about the students and want to help them above all else. Class sizes are small so you get a personally know the teacher and your classmates. Corban University is also a Christian University. Unlike many other Christians schools Corban does not require students to attend chapel. Even though it is not required that students attend chapel about 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body attends. I really enjoy this because it shows that the students truly care about their faith and want to grow more as a Christian.


Corban is unique because ,as the school motto asserts " Dedicate our heart and mind to God", it is a place where i can constantly feel spiritualy connect to God. At Corban i am receiving more than a education. I receive an Education of Life through the Bible. Ever since i have been to Corban i faith has grown strong. Now i see life with brand new eyes. There is spirit of service and caring for each other that create a delighful atmosphere in the campus. I am truly humbled by the my experience at Corban.


The atmosphere of this school is unique. The size of it and the fact that the students all share the same faith makes for a very friendly, inviting atmosphere. Students here appreciate each other and are respectful but have fun at the same time.


Having many people who are willing to help is what makes my school unique. People such as advisors and tutors who are passionate about their job and even students help. They are staff members who want to see students progress and become someone in life. Whenever I have needed help or struggled with something there has been someone to help. I always get answers to my questions, which gives me more knowledge and is helping me and will help me in the future.


It is really small and they try to get to know the students really well.


Devotion to Jesus Christ and determination to serve Him in every aspect of our lives--during and after our time at Corban.