Corban University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Corban University?


Someone who is wanting to grow in their relationship with The Lord. Corban is somewhat small so if you want people to invest in your life then this is a good school. Everyone knows a lot about each other too. The kind of person that should attend Corban is one that is ready to be transformed by the community aspect and love having people around at all times. Someone who just loves people!


An open-minded and a mission-minded person, as well as a person who loves to be surrounded by friendly, amazing, selfless people and to be supported and encouraged by an amazing community who loves and serves the Lord with all of their heart and mind, should attend this school.


Someone who is interested in getting a quality education with a Christian perspective.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who wants to grow in their faith. A person who wants to be involved with those around them in a small group setting. If you like being involved in your community to see how people change. I think that a person who wants to grow closer with their peers, do well academically in school, and see how their faith changes their lives for the better should be going here. People should go here if they have an interest in living life for Christ while others do it too.


Someone who is a Christian and is dedicated to working hard to earn a degree.


The ideal person for Corban is a Christian looking to grow in their faith; whether that means learning how to serve better, to train for a career with emphasis on incorporating Christian principles, or to meet and build relationships with people.


The person who attends this school should have a strong faith. They should be very hard working and future oriented. For the cost of this school, it is absolutely vital to take your education seriously. The person should be outgoing and willing to try new things and be involved, not only on campus but in the community as well. The person should have a strong work ethic and be honest.


Someone who passion who wants to share that passion with the world and in their field should attend this school. This school goes beyona academics, to more of who the person is and what kind of person they are.


A person who loves God and wants to serve Him better through an education experience.


This is a Christian school with Baptist roots, but they are accepting of any denomination. A requirement for acceptance is that each person must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Anyone who likes the small, intimate feel would definitely enjoy this school! About 1000 students, average about 20 or so per class.