Corban University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Corban University would be the tuition. Even with scholarships, many students are bogged down each semester with that one question: Will I have enough to come back next semester? As a high school senior, I assumed that, once I made it to college, I would be golden. How naive I was. Through this, however, I am able to see how many people are giving their hard-earned money to students like me and that always a pleasant surprise. Come what may, I will never stop learning.


It's so expensive to attend.


How expensive it is.


All of the delicious desserts being out where you have to walk past them 3 times every meal. Not accepting the I.B. diploma is also a bit frustrating.


Its on a hill, and there is a lot of walking, and the food isn't that great. Other than Its amazing!


The most frustrating thing about Corban is probably the dinning hall. Many students complain about the way the meal plans are organized and the price of the food. The quality of food isn't always the greatest either. However, we are grateful to have food at all, even if it isn't our favorite.