Cornell University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cornell coursework is very rigouous. The students are above average in intelligence and know it. The facilites are spread out and dated. The cafeteria food is very good. Greek life is active


It's a place where you can achieve expertise in any subject, any study.


good place to develop interests and career pursuit


Cornell is initially an intimidating large university, but once you find your place, it becomes much smaller and comfortable.


Only for very self-motivated students.




A very social, dynamic, classwork intense, world known university


You won't be able to escape a trip to Cornell without seeing at least one "Ithaca is Gorges" T-shirt. Quite honestly, Ithaca is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever encountered. The amount of natural beauty available on the Cornell campus was one of the largest factors that attracted me to this school. There are giant trees everywhere. There are creeks, gorges, and waterfalls scattered around campus. There's this striking combination of old vs. modern architecture that gives the campus a unique feel, that it's a school with a solid foundation in the past but isn't afraid to develop its future. Physically set up, you have North Campus, where the freshman dorms are; West campus, where some of the upperclassman live; and central campus, which is sort of subdivided into the different schools. I encourage you to look up the campus on Google Maps and use the icon of the little man to virtually tour campus. The quads, the libraries, the buildings -- everything here is just so aesthetically pleasing. Cornell is definitely easy on the eyes.


Depending on the weather on a given day, Cornell can either be undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful campuses (no exaggeration) or exceedingly grey and cold. When the weather in nice, Cornell is truly gorgeous (a pun you'll hear far too often due to the 'gorges'). During the Winter, it gets veryyy cold though. Dress warmly.


CU is very diverse, I have found people from all over the world in my dorm and classrooms.


Cornell University is an ideal place to obtain a high quality education in a calm, historical environment surrounded by intelligent and experienced students.


A great balance of challenging work and having some of the best fun in your life. Although the courses are hard, the knowledge sticks in your head and you'll feel good about it. Outside of academics, the greek life here is huge and you'll never run out of things to do.


An institution where you are guaranteed to be academically challenged, stretched, and stregthened.


My school is absolutely beautiful when the environment is too- it looks like Hogwartz- but it is dreadful in the winter, socially unlike I expected, and there is a great deal of academic pressure.


A place with beautiful scenery, students who are intelligent and witty, but not in-your-face about it, and outstanding professors who are serious and passionate about their stuff and who want you to love it, too.


For very high acheiving, work hard, play hard students.


Cornell University is a place with countless opportunities for students to pursue studies wherever their interests? lie, with countless extracurricular activities and social events that are sure to leave you wishing you had more hours in a day.


Cornell is a place where you can work hard and get ahead in life but also find friends for life and learn new things about yourself.


Cornell is a very competitive school filled with very intellegent people; it is a beautiful place!


Cornell is frustrating, but amazing and you'll never want to leave once you get there.


Easiest Ivy League to get into and hardest to get out of


A great school for very motivated students but be careful not to get sidetracked into social life.


It is diverse, and large, and cold in the winter, challenging, exhausting at times, competitive, and huge in scope, with students that you can count on being very bright, and so different from each other; there are bright-nerds, bright-jocks, bright-jerks, bright-ditzes, bright-players, bright-hippies, bright-rich kids, bright-dreamers, with the occasional genius, and the occasional daddy's-legacy-boy, with a majority of students, even though they aren't snobbish or conceited, having no idea how privileged they are, all this demanding that you find your own smaller community to be close with.


The best school academically.


We work hard and play hard.


This school has something for everyone.


Exactly as the school motto goes: Any person, any study.


It is accepting as long as you recycle and up to the point that you say you are Republican or Christian.


I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study,


Cornell University is a competitve academic environment that gives students the opportunity to make the most of their intelligent minds.


Cornell is a difficult, competitive yet rewarding introduction to the real world.


We are very intense in every aspect of being and not necessarily in a bad way.


Any person, any study is our motto, & it's true! I absolutely love Cornell. It's difficult and I have a very busy schedule, but I have a ton of fun too being involved in Greek life!


This school can provide you with any resource or program you can think of, but it's up to you to take full advantage of all of the opportunities.


A bubble of academia in the middle of nowhere.


My school is very rigorous but you reap the benefits after you graduate.


great, excellet, place for opportunities


Cornell provides an incredible education and offers an amazing, diverse range of areas of study, and its students tend to be very focused and driven.


Any place. Any study.


Cornell is very demanding and tests one's determination.


A place for highly motivated students who want to work hard and make money.


It is a school of extremes. It is extremely hard but also extremely fun and engaging.


Academically focused 85% of the time, binge drinking 15% of the time, no in between.


An institution where any pereson can find instruction in any study.


Work hard, party hard. You have a lot of work for classes, but you can always find free time to hang out with friends.


cold and busy, but a fun place.


A university that supports any student that wishes to gain an education in any study and kicks your ass while you are completing your degree.


Down-to-earth, beautiful, renowned research university with a surprisingly strong undergraduate focus.


There are only two activities: partying or studying.