Cornell University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for research.


Cornell is best known for being extremely cold and having lots of snow in the winter.


We are known for our very strong programs in hotel administration as well as agriculture. Additionally, we have strong programs in engineering, business, and the sciences.


Heavy work load, cut-throat competition, and partying hard.


Cornell University is best known for its acadaemic vigour, its diversity in the student body, and the amazing opportunities it can provide after graduation.


Cornell University is known for incredible natural beauty (Ithaca is gorges!), for pushing its students, and for offering a place of study for any student who seeks instruction in any field. However, to Cornell students our university is known for College Town Bagels, for midnight runs to Olin Library with friends, for lunch dates at the Big Red Barn with your Spanish professor and class, and for snowball fights on the Arts Quad. Cornell is known as home with 30,000 other people.


Cornell University is best known for being an elite institution with respected programs in a diverse array of fields. As an Ivy, Cornell offers some of the best education and name-recognition of any university in the world. The Hotel, Engineering, Psychology, Government, Biology, and Architecture programs are some of the best-respected in the country.


Unfortunetly Cornell Unviersity is well known for its high stress levels and competitive student body. HOWEVER, I would like to completely refute that statement. Because much of the student body is a type-A personality, most of the students are very good at handling the work that is given, and get it done in a timely manner so as to be able to enjoy participating in other activities. As for the compeition I have yet to come across a student who has refused to help another, and Cornell provides so many opportunities for success that it is impossible to compete.


Cornell is probably best known for its academic rigor and the beautiful surroundings in which the campus is located. The academics are very strong here, and even though Cornell is known for being one of the easier ivy league schools to get into, inside the ivy league it is known for being one of the harder schools to get through because the classes are at such a high level. The campus and the area around Ithaca are beautiful, and even though it can be quite cold in the winter the gorges and finger lakes area make it great for camping.


Ice cream.


Cornell is perhaps best known for its gorges and hockey.


Snow, rain, cold weather; drinking; bill nye the science guy


My school is best known for it's challenging classes and cold weather. We are an Ivy League school and really do try to "weed out" freshman who aren't prepared to do the work that is required. However, you do feel like you are learning and earning your grade.


It is a historically well-known, academic school in which students thrive upon graduation. The Hotel School is known for almost 100% job placement. Cornell is also extremely diverse. We are also known for having a gorgeous campus surrounded by gorges and waterfalls.


Being the toughest Ivy to graduate from.


The Hotel School


Pressure, stress, suicide.


Suicide and genius economists/engineers


Cornell University is known for its wide range of areas of study as well as its diverse student population. Research is emphasized as many professors here on campus are researchers themselves. Cornell's dining is superb, and its gorges are quite breathtaking.


Hard work, academic rigor, research.


Cornell is best known for depresssion and suicides, crazy workload, a very strong Greek presence, a liberal student body, beautiful surrounding areas, a bit of a small town, huge numbers of students, cold winters, and a very academically diverse student body.


My particular school is known for bein the best hotel school in the world.


The professors are quoted a lot in papers and tv specials. Educated people know what it is. Ivy League (sort of). Andy Bernard went there.


cornell is most known for its academics.


Academics and Hockey. Maybe for being in Ithaca too.


Being an amazing school


My school is best known for its research and academic rigor.




Being in the Ivy League


Hockey! New Sustainability push! Our hospitality school is the best in the world! The facilities are outstanding. The gorges are beautiful yearound and remind you everyday that there is something to be learned outside of the classroom.


Engineering and life sciences.


Cornell is very well known for its Applied Economics and Management major (ranked 4th in the country). The College of Engineering is amongst the best and has a reputation for being difficult to graduate from. Cornell's School of Management also has a Wine Tasting Class, the first of its kind, in which student learn, as the name suggests, how to taste test wine.


My school is best known for its cold winters and beautiful gorges.


Academics definitely. We're the largest Ivy so we're the easiest to get into, but the hardest to get through. Otherwise we're known for our large diversity.


Cornell is best known for it's large size and excellent academic reputation, especially with getting students off to a good start once they finish undergraduate studies. Also, we are a very large school with a lot of divesity, tons of options, and endless opportunities!


Being cold, smart students and lots of school spirit.


It's large campus and diversity. There are many different types of people and studies at Cornell.


Diversity. Cornell is proud of its international and racial diversity. "So much diversity in one university".


Preparing you for a good career


Hard to say because of the different components


Research, beautiful campus and scenery, Ivy League name, Greek life, strong academics




Academics, Research, Engineering, and stress. Cornell can get stressful when compiled with the weather, but it is an amazing school for what it is known for.


Cornell is best known for its prestigious Ivy League Status. Besides that it has a fantastic engineering school, architecture school, hotel school. It's also partially endowed by New York State due to the helpful nature of the research conducted here to the state. Cornell is known for its pioneering nanotechnology research and also its great food and beautiful landscape.


Dragon Day 2008 -- an enormous dragon created by the first-year architecture students parades across the campus.


Cornell University is best known for its rigourous acedemics. Many students try very hard to complete the work assigned to them and this often takes alot of personal free time.

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