Cornell University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My fellow students. I find them to be fun and interesting. I am a fan of the greek life.


I brag about the really great food at Cornell. The dining halls have really good food, with special nights such as Dim Sum nights or Breakfast for Dinner nights. Although it doens't seem like a big deal, it really makes a difference when you can come home after a whole day of classes and have a really nice meal.


I love to brag about all of the fun, creative people and the diversity. I come from a tiny town so there is very little diversity and coming to Cornell was wonderful for just that reason--there are so many different types of people, so many different cultures and stories and languages. I love the group of friends I have and how everyone is so culturally intelligent as well as book-smart; we have great conversations!


I refer often to the amount of funds that were available to student organizations on campus through fund raising - applying to various departments and high ranking profiles on campus was a sure way to see the campaign one was working for come to fruition. I also talk often about the quality of our computer labs and work spaces, as they were of great quality and were always well maintained. Another aspect that I fondly remember is the great financial aid I received from Cornell. Though sometimes the department personnel were difficult to work with, the aid really helped me.


It's an Ivy league school and it is very academically challenging


The same as above. I really do love the classes I get to take -- I feel so lucky to be here.


It's a competitive school, but the campus is beautiful and the diversity is great, so it's nice to make different friends


When I talk to my friends about my school, I brag about how big it is, and how that allows for there be a whole lot of activities, programs, groups, and concerts on campus. In the event of a student-wide event, the campus is thoroughly united, and we all go out together and participate in the different events. Plus, because there are so many different people, Cornell caters to a variety of events to bring out the under-represented groups, and to expose new cultures .


I don't usually brag, but I would say the only thing to brag about is the academic standing of the university. There are also over 800 student organizations on campus.


I'm coming out of here prepared for the world


Any person, any study. Everyone is proud to be here and the overall quality of educaiton is amazing. I am so happy I attend Cornell and am utilizing what it has to offer. As I walk to and from classes I am in awe of the pure beauty of my university. It is really gorgeous.


I don't, no one in my community knows what Cornell is or what it stands for. In fact, if I said anything about how good my school is it would be seen as bragging, and in my neighborhood that is looked down upon.


Greek Life.


The opportunity for me to do research in labs for professors, and the scenary.


We have a lot of good research labs and distinguised faculty. Also, the campus is goreous and the classes are interesting. There are lots of clubs and organiztions to join and there are frequently lectures and concerts.


Ivy league


The research I can do because of the great amount of funding the university recieves for it.


I don't brag anything about my school.


I brag the most about the fraternity life. It was so much fun to be a part of and really offered a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people.


That it is an Ivy League school and it provides a much better education than most other schools.


The prestige of it. The networking capabilities and the difficulty.


The social scene and the amount of friends I've made. How much I can't wait to return because it feels like home.


It's Cornell, it's the best party ivy league. You'd go to school here if you're smart but want to have a fun social life.


I met a lot of very diverse people. Also that the department that I studied at was one of the best in the nation. I have also been able to meet and see a lot of very famous people in their respective fields.


I talk about the fact that we were the Ivy League Basketball champions in 2008. We also have a great hockey team. I talk about the fact that we have an ideal location, with a collegetown and a campus, providing the best of both worlds. Mostly, the pride of students who go here of being Cornellians.




The beautiful campus, the opportunities I've had for travel (especially through the Chorus) and research with top people in my field, my excellent friends.


It's beautiful and the people are friendly.


The prestige associated with attending Cornell and the networks attached to it.


How we braved -15 degree weather.


I was captain of the swim team, the Hotel School is top ranked.


The ice cream.


cornell fight team. sport clubs at cornell are wonderful.


Good food.


Cornell university is known for the distinction in research and just being an overall good school. It's Ivy League, which always looks good on a resume, and there are plenty of things to do around campus. The campus itself is very beautiful too, I have an amazing view from my dorm.


What separates Cornell is the beautiful campus and setting in which the classes are taught. The classes are kept small and are kept fairly specialized in fields that are not offered in most large state schools.



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