Cornell University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


outgoing, hard working, smart


Someone who is motivated and isn't afraid to work hard and can handle a tough workload.


This school has something for everybody. Someone strong in academics, like myself, would flourish here because of the strong credentials of the faculty as well as the large amount of research opportunities available. However, there is also a very distinct social scene. Collegetown, an area just outside the school with restaurants and apartments, is the social hub of Cornell. The person that is best suited for this school is an individual who is outgoing, intelligent, and willing to take risks. Be open-minded as well!


The culture at Cornell University is unique, and its students are what makes it special. Therefore, I believe a Cornell student is a hard-working, well-rounded and talented individual who demonstrates a balance between leadership and collaboration, academics and passions, and work and play. Students thrive by working in a competitive environment, interacting with a diverse network of people, and living in a beautiful city carved by gorges and waterfalls.


The kind of people should be those that are ready to be challenged. College is about crafting a niche in the world, about finding an identity and a place. To do so, a person sometimes has to step out of their comfort zone. If you are planning to be shelled up, perhaps this isn't the right place for you. But if you are open and willing to try new things, well Cornell has plenty of people willing to help you along.


Any person can attend Cornell. One of the university quites is " any person, any study". Cornell is a large campus that offers so much. More than 800 clubs and organizations are currently active. This allows for anyone to find something that they can enjoy.


An extremely motivated and independant learner would thrive at Cornell; it is an enviroment that constantly promotes academics but also provides an abundance of opportunities that can only be found if the student takes the time to take advantage of what is being offered. With such a large campus and a larger population of students, it is necessary for each individual to take the time to seek out what is going on around campus.


In my opinion, people who love to discover different possibilities , who have curiosities and who can hold their pressure should attend this school. Cornell provides tons of opportunities from a board range. There is always something you can do here everyday if you look for it. However, being in an Ivy League university, Cornell students must study very hard to earn a good GPA, and remember, no one is dumm here. Study is the priority and diligence alone is not enough for a good grade. So be awared and be perpared of the academical pressure.


A typical type - A personality should attend Cornell University. Everyone is extroverted, outgoing, and fun on top of being smart, hard working, and driven to succeed. Most of the students at Cornell are not shy, and those who are often break out of their shell very quickly. Every single student is involved in extra-curricular activities ranging from research to sports, and new clubs are formed each and every semester. Cornell Unviersity is not for the lazy, nor is it for the student who is not willing to completely immerse themselves in the college experience.


A Cornell student should be one that is extremely driven and willing to work hard. This is an Ivy league university and as such requires imense time and effort to ensure success. A Cornell student is also one who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and take courses that inspire them and spark knowledge or interest in new and diverse fields. Due to Cornell's large size, a Cornell student should also be somewhat extroverted and willing to socialize and meet new people so they may obtain both an intelectual education as well as a social one.


There is no limit to the types of people you will find at Cornell. The wide variety of programs and colleges offers something for just about anyone. The people who will get the most out of attending Cornell are those who are dedicated to learning, and who are looking for a place with a wide offer of extracurricular activities. As a shy person myself, it can be hard to find your place, but simply by joining a club or even going to office hours, you can meet other students and find friends almost anywhere.


Hardworking, talented and passionate students should apply to Cornell University. Cornell students need to be self motivated and willing to go the extra mile in order to be successful. Furthermore, Cornell is a campus that thrives on community; applicants should be eager and willing to be apart of campus life and embrace the opportunity to interact with diverse individuals.


Students at Cornell are all very open-minded individuals who are also able to stay true to their character and beliefs. In a school with such a large student body, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. There are hundreds of clubs, extracurricular activities, social organizations, and majors to choose from, so it is easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. What makes Cornell unique is that every student is able to contribute his/her true self while embracing the differences in others that give the student body depth.


Focused, determined, good with time management, open to diverse subject matters , and have enough of money to enjoy the campus' resources.


A person who is driven, intelligent, and has self-confidence. It is a hard school, but has a beautiful campus and wonderful people. It can be hard for students who are lower or middle class to "fit in" as much of the student population come from an upper class background.


Someone who is very academically driven, enjoys cold weather (plus snow and rain), can think of creative ways to have fun!


To attend Cornell, you need to be a go-getter. Someone who knows how to get passionate. There are hundreds of clubs and majors for people to invest their time in, and people here know how to work hard. It's an intense environment, but you'll earn respect if you join in on the passion for life, learning, and making your mark. I love that at Cornell, you can feel free to be yourself, there's literally a place for all sorts. But don't be surprised if someone speaks their opinion on how you live your life.


Incrediby motivated, hard working, likes diversity


Social and academically-oriented


Someone who wants a great education and doesn't mind being in the middle of nowhere and really cold winters.


Someone who is smart, self-motivated, and is good at carving a niche. It is very easy to get lost, so someone who is a joiner will do best at Cornell.


A serious, dedicated student who is willing to give up a lot and work hard.


Someone who doesn't mind somewhat cold weather, who doesn't mind a huge rate of binge drinking and fraternities dominating the social scene, who is able to handle lots of stress, and who likes to be academically challenged should attend Cornell.


someone who is goal oriented and can focus on the work yet have fun at the same time


Someone who knows what they want and is looking for the best program possible.


Students attending Cornell University should be above average in intelligence, determined, and goal oriented.


A dilligent, responsible, yet fun loving person. You have to be able to accept a failure and move forward constantly.


Anyone with an open mind, a good work ethic, and a friendly disposition. If you are very reserved it might be harder to make friends because there are so many people.


-almost anyone, but has to be someone willing to work very hard who also likes to have a good time -Should be very motivated


smart people, diligent ones, with plenty of motivation


Students who are prepared for VERY challenging workloads should consider Cornell if there are particular programs, departments, or faculty they are interested in working with. These students should be aware that the campus is diverse, but that diversity must be sought out. Cornell is a challenge: the school work is challenging, finding a social niche is challenging. Students who are prepared to accept this facet of Cornell and work hard should consider applying: it's worth it if you're ready for it.


someone who is or has the ability to be very focused on doing well and working hard. person should realize that they will adjust in the beginning, because it is definitely an adjustment. someone who is driven and motivated, especially with repsect to a career, will really benefit from Cornell.


A person that is self motivated and willing to work with a diverse student body.


Anyone! You have to be opened to be a diverse population. You'll find every kind of person from every socio-economic class possible. Just be sure you can live with a rather large student body, even though leadership roles are easy to grasp here.


Very driven students with a clear goal of where they are going in life.


Anyone who wants space to explore, lots of resources, and who is willing to seek out help if they need it.


Career-focused Hard-worker


Someone who is willing to learn but understands they can't do everything. Cornell is such a large school with so much going on that you can't fit everything in. They should also be able to accept failure and learn from it. You can't and won't be right all the time.


hard working and self motivated


Hard Working


You have to be mature to some degree, open minded, and be able to focus on your studies. You'll be forced to manage your time effectively. Other than that, I've met people who are entirely focused on their careers and people who are listless and still figuring out what they want to pursue. There really is no formula or "type" of person here. The more willing you are to try new things the more you'll get out of Cornell.


I really think there's a place at Cornell for anyone. It's big enough that it can afford to be multi-faceted and have every facet be a full, rich community in its own right. The difficulty might be in picking one community to belong to. It's definitely an academically-focused place, though, and there's not a lot of hand-holding. You should really be internally motivated, and not mind the idea of an occasional all-nighter.


ambitious, smart, focused, those who truly want to get an education, most of your classmates will wind up being important leaders some day, anyone who wants to make ALOT of money upon graduation. (important to note that cornell is made up of 7 different colleges and schools, engineering is very different from the vet school, Arts & Sciences is very differerent from Industrial and Labor Relations, it's almost hard to compare Cornell to other schools without taking into consideration the different schools within cornell


Best and the Brightest, Academically Rigorous, Extravert & Social, Resourceful, Leadership Capability, Loyal, Determined, Goal Oriented, & Friendly


Smart people who are willing to put in the effort to succeed despite very heavy workloads, particularly in engineering. Also one must not hate cold weather.


Very academically focused, willing to live far from major cities and a larger school, independent person. Someone who can handle the cold!


Anyone. Cornell is very open to every niche. Ag students, hotel students, art and biology. It has is all. Its big, but has lots of smaller colleges, majors and departments that make it feel like home to anyone.


Someone willing to work hard to learn


Anyone who likes to be intellectually stimulated but is not afraid to have a good time.


Someone who is an individual, willing to work hard, and not afraid of getting mediocre grades. Cornell likes to deflate grades, and the curves will help you pass, not get A's. A sense of humor and handling ego-bruising is a must. And of course the ability to have fun and handle the silliest things.

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